Unc and the Horse Theives

Jun 2
Jan Swan Wood

Rise and Shine

May 24
Jan Swan Wood

Heel Flies Were a Menace

May 22
Jan Swan Wood

Windswept Leroy

May 14
Jan Swan Wood

Recent Posts

Meeting Quigley

December 26, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

We’d bought a place back in my home country that was right along the county road. Just across that road was a pasture that my Uncle Paul owned. He wasn’t really blood kin, but, he’d always been Uncle Paul. He was a stock contractor. During the summer he ran his bucking horses in that pasture […]

Buckskin Joe and His Magic

December 21, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

I’ve had many horses over the years, mostly good, some awful, but this one has lasted the longest. His name is Buckskin Joe, Joe for short. I received him for Christmas when I was a tiny girl, though I don’t remember for sure how old I was. My brothers and sisters got him for me. […]

Skijoring Ranch Style

December 19, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

My brother Dave was home for Christmas from Texas. He loved the outdoors, especially in the winter when he could hunt fox and coyotes on the ranch. He had gotten a set of cross country skis and was learning how to use them. I had been out gathering the sheep into the winter corral in […]

Blind Runaway

December 14, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

My high school years were spent going to school and doing the riding on the ranch, since I was the last kid at home. In the winter, my Dad was gone about every week day buying cattle, so it was my job to do chores and any riding necessary when I got home from school. […]

Cold Perspective

December 6, 2022
Jan Swan Wood

When I moved to northeastern New Mexico to a ranch job, I thought I was in a veritable winter paradise. It might get down to the upper 30s at night, but the days were sunny and usually up around 50 degrees. I’d never wintered anywhere but northwestern South Dakota, and left there to head south […]

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