Buckaroo Buys: Sierra Nevada Leather

Oct 9
Savanna Simmons

Wind Blown

Sep 30
Jan Swan Wood

Well Turned Stirrups

Sep 25
Jan Swan Wood

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Kitchen Window Cowboy

July 27, 2019
Jan Swan Wood

From the kitchen’s west window I gaze outside, And see the saddle horses that I seldom get to ride. Slick hair glistens over muscle and fat, No sweat marks the long winter hair on their backs. I’ve watched the ranch seasons pass on this place, With cold window glass pressed hard to my face. And […]

Horse Ads Decoded

July 25, 2019
Jolyn Young

I have been perusing horse classified ads lately, and man, let me tell you – the entertainment factor is satisfyingly high. Quality of horse flesh offered for sale varies, but I am thoroughly enjoying the wording of some of these ads. I’ve rounded up a sampling of some of my favorite horse-selling phrases for your […]

Sweet Clover, Rattlesnakes, and Dale

July 20, 2019
Jan Swan Wood

It’s been a big sweet clover year in the northern plains. For those who aren’t familiar, sweet clover with it’s yellow blossoms, gets really tall and thick. It doesn’t happen every year and needs a good wet spring to really do well. It’s a biennial plant, so, it blooms the second year of it’s cycle. […]

How To Treat A Rattlesnake Bite

July 18, 2019
Jolyn Young

Rattlesnakes are a fact of life out West, just like droughts, John Wayne movies, and beautiful sunsets. Many cowboys and equestrians encounter poisonous snakes and other wildlife when riding outside, but not all know how to properly treat themselves or a companion if bitten by one of these potentially deadly reptiles. The Center for Disease […]

Lessons Learned At The Rodeo

July 15, 2019
Jolyn Young

While driving into town a couple weeks ago, I saw a flyer advertising a rodeo at the local fairgrounds. I decided to sign up my two big kids for mutton busting and take all 3 of my offspring to the rodeo by myself, because I am insane. My husband would have helped wrangle our crew, […]