Feeding Horses

May 25
Lynn Kohr

A Covid-Free Branding

May 22
Jolyn Young

Feeding with Hay Nets

May 20
Lynn Kohr

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Historical Entrepreneurs

May 3, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

Hard times on Wyoming’s ‘baldheaded prairies’ in the Nineteen-teens and –twenties spawned entrepreneurs. Women kept chickens and sold eggs; or kept cows and sold milk, cream and butter, maybe even cheese. Where there was timber, ambitious men often cut posts to sell to homesteaders who had fences to build. Some ambitious men found a sense […]

A Calf Called Lazarus

April 30, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The calf was up and had nursed when I made the evening gather of the springers. He was a giant! He was a Charolais cross and looked to weight in the 120 pound range or more. His mama was one of those short, stout Angus cows that raise a big calf every year, one of […]

Kohr Quarter Horses’ Favorite Bits

April 28, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Halters to Bits. From the ground up we teach our colts to be soft and give to nose pressure with a halter first before we introduce a snaffle. As our colts accept all of our softening ideas with a halter we add the snaffle. We will put a broken in three-piece snaffle on them for […]

Riding After Kids

April 26, 2020
Jolyn Young

Last week, I saddled my horse for the first time in two years. That seems like a long time off for a lifelong horse lover such as myself to forego riding, and it was. I used to ride horses for the public. I lope three-year-olds for a cutting horse trainer in Texas, and I cowboyed […]

Race Horse To Ranch Horse: Part 2 Worth The Wait

April 24, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The morning after I got my California mare home, it was still -28 degrees. The night before when we arrived I had put her in the barn with the borrowed blanket on, but had left the stall door open so she could go in and out and get a drink at the tank. She was […]