No Horse Prejudice

Sep 20
Jan Swan Wood

Johnny and the Optics Attack

Sep 17
Jan Swan Wood

Simple Turning

Sep 15
Tristen Baroni

Ranching in Florida; Horses and Dogs

Sep 13
Marisol Tarango

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Gumbo, Horses and Water

August 11, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

Growing up on and living on gumbo country most of my life, I have a very real fear of getting a horse bogged and maybe crippled in a creek or dam. I’ve had it happen, and as a result, had from early on, schooled my son on the risks of gumbo creeks and dams. I’m […]

Downer Bull

August 5, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

We had been pulling bulls for several days as breeding season was over. It was rough, timbered, river break country with oak choked canyons and lots of brush so some of them were a little hard to locate. We were down to the last pasture and one bull was missing. They were mature Charolais bulls, […]

Roping a Badger

July 24, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

My Dad was an all business sort of guy in my growing up years, and certainly didn’t indulge in wild cowboy stunts. So, when he roped a badger, it was for a very good reason, which was to rid the ranch of a badger that had been digging up fence posts and making dangerous holes […]

Kelly, the Workaholic Horse

July 20, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

It had been a long summer with lots of doctoring of yearlings. One bunch had a viral pinkeye and another had footrot. It just didn’t let up. The footrots I doctored where I found them, but the pinkeyes were driven to a little portable pen and taken back to the place where I could doctor […]

Gettin’ Rattled

July 16, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

We day worked a lot back in the day and one of the people we worked for had a big summer range about 25 miles from us. It was good country with strong grass and plenty of water. He ran mother cows on it every summer and into the fall. He had a guy who […]