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Featured Horse: Heza Hotdiggitydawg

October 30, 2020
Liz Banman

Attention all grandparents, parents and kids! “Hotdog” is a 15-year-old gelding looking for a loving new home. He is a finished head and barrel horse. He would make a great addition to a family looking for a safe, kind, step up horse. He would make a great confidence builder for a kid or easy, safe […]

Foggy Gather

October 28, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Foggy weather can be a real problem when there’s work to be done. Trying to gather in heavy fog is nearly impossible and if you don’t know the country, you can be riding in circles while trying to gather. My five year old son and I had finished up some daywork elsewhere and still needed to […]

When Cows Take Orders

October 22, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

It was in the fall and I had gone to a pasture I had leased to gather the cows and calves and take them to a set of corrals to load them out to go home. The cows handled easily as I gathered and trailed them across the other pastures toward the corrals. Just below […]

The Bully Horse

October 13, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I had a really good mare years ago who had been a stellar saddle horse and always sound. When she was past her mid-teens, I decided that she had earned the right to raise some colts. I found an equally good stud to breed her to and hauled her to the ranch and turned her […]

Windy Ridge Chronicles: Fear of Knowing

October 5, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Life has changed so much for me in the past year and a half. The change has been for the better, physical health wise, but not so much for my heart. The heart that lives and breaths ranching, cattle, and saddle horses, has taken quite a beating. But it’s still beating. In April of 2019, […]