Horse Tying Safety Tip

Jul 26
Jan Swan Wood

How To Hydrate

Jul 15
Jolyn Young

Don’t Drink The Water

Jul 9
Jan Swan Wood

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Close Encounter of the Slithery Kind

July 1, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

The horse I’d caught was a broke mare, but she was kind of a flake at times. Cricket had, in the past, boogered at something as I was leading her and dragged me around, or, ran flat over the top of me. She wasn’t wild or spooky, really, just had her moments of having the […]

Use Leverage To Your Advantage

June 21, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

I’m on a lot of social media pages that concern stockmanship, horsemanship and livestock handling. I learn a great deal of new ways of doing things and enjoy seeing and learning how things are done other places. That said, I also see some things that make me scratch my head and wonder. One of those […]

Kid Horse Initiation

June 16, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

Some horses are just born to be outstanding in certain disciplines. It’s partly disposition and attitude, with aptitude added in. This is the case most particularly with kid horses. Not all horses, no matter how old and broke they get, ever achieve the bulletproof kid horse. Not their fault, just how they are. We had […]

Fast Trip For A Little Girl and Roxie

June 4, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

Her name was Roxie, and as a child, I thought she was the mot beautiful horse I had ever seen. She was a bright sorrel with light flaxen mane, bald face and four white stockings. She was, at the time of this story, about a three year old I suppose, and belonged to my sister. […]

Making A Point, Or Several, With A Bull

June 2, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

Anyone who has worked cattle much has probably dealt with bulls. They are a necessary evil that ranchers have to have on hand to be able to keep raising cattle, but they are, in general, a pain in the neck most of the time. They fight with each other, tear up fence, get hurt just […]