A Hard Winter Ride

Mar 16
Jan Swan Wood

Taking Care of Yeller

Mar 14
Jan Swan Wood

Bull and Feminine Vapors

Mar 7
Jan Swan Wood

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A Bull Teaches a Lesson

February 14, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

It was time to be gathering bulls after breeding season, but some of the pastures on the ranch made that a challenging job. Also, some of the bulls had gotten big and hard to handle, plus didn’t want to be gathered, so it was some long hard days that resulted. We’d gotten the “easy” bulls […]

Fox and the Monster Sighting

February 11, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

My horses were getting leg weary after a hot summer of riding on cattle, so I was riding a horse of my Dad’s to make my circles. This horse’s name was Fox. He was a nice sized horse, nicely put together, moved pretty easy and wasn’t broncy. But, Fox woke up in a new world […]

Disposition Counts

February 9, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

It was over 40 years ago and the big Civic Center was a brand new deal. I had been hired to take care of a stallion on the stallion row. That included feeding and watering him, cleaning the stall, exercising him and visiting with folks there to see the studs and book breedings. At that […]

Bucking Horse Retirement Home

February 6, 2023
Ruth Nicolaus

A special bucking horse went to a special retirement home in January. When Sammy Andrews from the Andrews Rodeo Co. in Bagwell, Texas, retired saddle bronc horse No. 012, Lock and Load, the 23 year-old gelding went to live with Isaac and Britany Diaz in Desdemona, Texas. Isaac has a special tie to the sorrel. […]

Great-Granddad’s Long Ride

January 25, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

My dad was a great storyteller and brought my family’s history to life for me. One of the stories he told me was about my great-granddad Swan and a long ride he took looking for blizzard drifted stock. This would have probably been in the 1910-15 era, but I’m not sure. My great-grandparents ranched in […]