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The Good Old Days in New York City

January 24, 2024
Jan Swan Wood

The “I wish I’d been born back in the good old days” is a common statement. I wonder if the folks who say that really have thought that through? My Dad always said that the “good old days weren’t all that good”, as he was a kid during the dirty 30s. I was reading an […]

Stallion Prospect or Gelding

January 19, 2024
Jan Swan Wood

With foaling season in full swing and the time is approaching, once again, to decide whether a colt is a stallion prospect or not. Some don’t worry about that and just sell the stud colts as weanlings or yearlings and leave the decision to the next owner. But, is that wise? Do those non-stallion quality […]

Cold Weather Cowboying

January 16, 2024
Jan Swan Wood

Back in my day working years, there was a guy who would wait until the coldest day of winter, or so it seemed, to gather his cows off of several big pastures, hayfields and breaks, and trail them home several miles for the winter. We always joked, sort of, that once we had his cows […]

A Bomb In a Cow Herd

January 3, 2024
Jan Swan Wood

We had spent the summer and fall occasionally day working for a woman who had some registered Angus cows. The cows were spoiled, no-handling wretches that weighed about 1700-1800 lbs and weaned 400 lb calves. They aggravated us every time we had to handle them, but she paid well and her check was always good, […]

Country Horse Plays Hide and Seek

December 20, 2023
Jan Swan Wood

It was about 1997 when this little deal occurred. I was part of a group of women who gathered together every year to camp, ride and visit. My sisters and sister-in-law were part of the group too. I had taken our good old ranch gelding, Chigger, to ride. He was a rock solid ranch horse […]