Predator Hunting History; Wolves

Feb 19
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

Dragging a Log with Purpose in Mind

Feb 15
Tristen Baroni

Pilot and the Pool Party

Feb 13
Jan Swan Wood

Predator Hunting History; Coyotes Part 2

Feb 11
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

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Form to Function: Part 2 Legs and Feet

February 8, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

In part two of my dissertation on form to function conformation, we will go to the legs on the horse. The old saying “no foot, no horse” is pretty true, and the legs are as important as the foot. I read somewhere years ago that the Bedouin tribesmen would hang a curtain and stand a […]

Featured Horse: AQHA Heel Horse

February 6, 2020
Cavvy Savvy

Heel Horse for your consideration “Weasel” is a cute, kind, and well broke gelding who is coming 10 years old. He is a finished heel horse who has been won on in multiple conditions and levels. He has been hauled a lot and works. He’s been ranched on a lot as well. He understands work […]

Predator Hunting History; Coyotes

February 2, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

I’m an old ranch widow, more or less “forcefully retired” from spending all my time with horses and cattle . . . old age does that to ya’! My hilltop home overlooks the region I grew up in and made pony tracks across, with Mom before birth and until I was three, riding good horses […]

Form to Function Conformation: Head and Neck

January 28, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I’m going to address a problem I’m seeing more and more in the performance horse industry and I’m sure, as will happen any time one states an opinion, some won’t agree. But, here goes. I’ve been to horse sales over the years where people have positively gotten into a “feeding frenzy” of bidding on genetics […]

Mare Milking Device

January 23, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

It’s foaling season for many people and if you are foaling mares, you have probably had occasion to milk one to get a foal started with a bottle. As you have noticed, the “handles” are pretty short on a mare and even if she is 100% cooperative, it’s a back breaking, slow process. Some years […]