Yesterday is Gone

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“Ride the horse you throw a leg over today. Not the one you rode yesterday.” Those were the words of wisdom shared with me by my other half this past weekend as I went to get my horse ready for our last run.


He’s right. Today is different. You’ve hopefully improved yourself since yesterday and your horse has forgotten about yesterday. So take him from where he is today. Not where he was yesterday. Don’t hold yesterday’s perceived failures against him. Don’t hold today’s perceived failures against him.

When your run is over, it’s over. If you train on him after the run because you’re angry at him, he has no idea what any of it means. It’s like a passive aggressive drunk holding what you did last week over your head. Let it go.  Your horse needs to believe in you. So give him something he can believe it. Getting after him, after the fact, doesn’t give him anything he can believe in.   Be consistent, use a cue, make it repeatable and then be dependable with it.  If it goes to hell during your run, then maybe your foundation needs some work.


Applying this philosophy will have your horse and the people in your life thanking you for it.

Our first barrel race for 2016 is in the books and I truly couldn’t be happier. Nothing like making your first runs of the year at a race with 75k added!  Two downed cans, two clean runs and one check later (at least I won my fees back), we’ve started the year well.


Remember to have fun. Horses don’t know about winning. I have to remind myself of that often. When I stopped caring about winning the nerves stopped and my horse rode better.

Happy trails!


All Photos by the awesome Brent Puhl

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training, Rodeo

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