WRCA Adds to the Purse

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The Working Ranch Cowboy’s Association will host its 24th Annual WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo November 7-10, 2019 in Amarillo, Texas.  The WRCA Board of Directors recently approved three enhancements in support of producing the greatest ranch rodeo event in the world.


The following will be in effect for the 2019 World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR):

1. An additional $20,000 cash will be included in the payout as added money,
2. Points will be awarded from 1st place to the number of ranches competing with qualifying times/scores (i.e. 24 ranches will result in 1st place receiving 24 points and 24th place receiving 1 point), and
3. Payout & prizes for overall placings will now go to 5th place.

“WRCA ranch teams do not compete in ranch rodeos to get rich.  It is something they enjoy doing, and it helps to showcase the work they do every day on the ranch,” said Randy Norris, WRCA president. “With the support of our great sponsors we are able to increase the cash prize and make the WCRR that much more valuable to the ranches.”


With the $20,000 added money the 2019 WCRR will have a total cash and prize package worth over $208,000.

Another change in the point tabulation system will result in more ranches receiving points for their successes.  Previously, points were awarded to the top ten placings in each event. “With up to 24 ranches competing, this new format will reward more cowboys when they get qualified times,” said Norris. “If a ranch catches in the stray gathering and has a time that puts them in eleventh place this new format will give points over a ranch that missed.  Previously, eleventh got the same points as a no time.”

Along with the added money and new point system, the WCRR will now pay out to fifth place overall rather than to fourth place as has been since the inaugural year of 1996.

“I think these changes are very positive,” said Calvin Kendall, of Beachner Bros Livestock. “The new point system and added money make us want to get back to Amarillo even more.”  Calvin and his crew from Beachner Bros Livestock are the reigning 2018 WRCA World Champions.

The 2019 WCRR will be held in Amarillo, Texas on November 7-10.  Tickets go on sale June 1.

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Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Rodeo

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