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WSRRA Poster created by the amazing photographer Mary Williams Hyde. https://buckaroocountry.smugmug.com/

The Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA) has been escalating in popularity each year with cowboys and cowgirls alike. The founder of this ranch rodeo association is Marc Page. His lovely girlfriend Sarah Urbick is always working behind the scenes helping the association develop and grow. Sarah does the paperwork that no one else wants to do and she never asks for any recognition… which is why I would like to give her some.


Sarah Urbick busy working at WSRRA Finals.


Sarah Urbick is the brunette in this pic and this was taken at the first WSRRA Finals in Winnemucca, Nevada in 2010.

I recently asked Sarah some questions about the WSRRA…

CS: Please tell us the insider story on how the WSRRA came to be, how it has evolved, and your role in it…
SU: I have been involved in the cowboy lifestyle since I met Marc in 1999, from helping friends at brandings, to owning our own herd. Over the years Marc noticed that more and more local ranchers were selling their lands to home developers and there were fewer opportunities for the cowboy community to come together, work cattle, and share the lifestyle.
One night over a few beers, Marc and some friends were discussing this loss of identity, and the idea of a ranch rodeo association was hatched.
The first iteration of this idea was the Cosumnes River Ranch Rodeo. The first year, 2007, consisted of 10 teams and was held at our arena and the awards banquet in our back yard! The second year saw twice as many teams in a two day event at a larger venue.
Not one to leave the status quo, Marc went bigger and better, and formed the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association. In our 10 years, we have grown to over 680 members and crossed into international status with 50 ranch rodeos, 23 women’s ranch rodeos, 33 steer stoppings and 64 ranch bronc ridings.
My role is entirely administrative. I have never rodeoed or roped, but I can work a computer like a double backhand loop and two foot that bugger. And I have been known to chime in on executive decisions when Marc is discussing the issue on speaker phone.

CS: What is your favorite part of the WSRRA and what it represents?
SU: My favorite part of the WSRRA is our staff. They are an amazing group of volunteers who all bring significant skills to the Association. They truly represent the spirit and the intent of the WSRRA! Coming together to form a team and working together to achieve our goal of a smooth and successful National Finals.
CS:You have some great help in the office at WSRRA Finals… can you tell us about some of them and how your group came together?
SU: The first year, I was in over my head! We had produced two smaller rodeos and I was trying to expand that to a 4 day rodeo with multiple events and only a thumbnail sketch of the program. Marc made some phone calls and then told me that I had help coming. Kathy Flannigan, a friend formerly from Sacramento, was coming and bringing her sister and niece and stepdaughter. I was still nervous!
Day one arrives, and I am beyond stressed out. Kathy takes control of the Crisis Fund Silent Auction and did a phenomenal job. Barbara Meyers, Kathy’s sister, is my bulldog: no one, not even Marc, gets past her. Kathy’s stepdaughter, Maren, is now our lead timer. Patti Lund runs cuttings and contractors with such professionalism, we consider her our office mom who keeps us in line. Diane, Barb’s daughter, has become my right hand. She stepped in and picked up what I was laying down so easily. As a control freak, it’s very hard for me to delegate, which means things slip through the cracks. I don’t’ have to worry about that with these ladies! At this point, everyone knows the routine and we all think through the process of the rodeo and make sure our bases are covered.
We laugh, we cry, and some of us drink heavily, but we keep coming back to the WSRRA because of our friendships formed within our office staff.

CS: What is one of your most favorite memories from the finals?
SU: I don’t know that I can pick just one! Overall, some of my favorite memories are our Grand Entries. I don’t get out of the office to watch the rodeo very often. However, I make it a point to try to watch our Grand Entry on Friday and Saturday each year. It’s a stunning reminder of how far this association has come and why I put up with all the headaches during the rest of the year.


Sarah and many of the smiling faces of the ladies who all help Sarah behind the scenes.

To learn more about the WSRRA and see a schedule of events check out their website wsrra.org

Also you can follow their Facebook page

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