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Naomi Loomis

Naomi Loomis

It is safe to say that almost everyone who has attended WSRRA Finals has heard of or knows Naomi Loomis as she is a WSRRA rep who works her tail off to help the association. Naomi wears many different hats for WSRRA as a producer herself, a traveling rep to other WSRRA events, a writer that promotes the WSRRA, and at finals she helps organize many different aspects of the multifaceted event.

Naomi Loomis

Naomi Loomis
PC- Mary Williams Hyde – Buckaroo Country Photography

When I first met Naomi Loomis I was so impressed with her down-to-earth demeanr and her no-nonsense way of getting things done. Naomi knows her business and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. You better be listening because she is usually right in what she is telling you.

Naomi Loomis

Naomi getting bronc riders lined up at one of her WSRRA sanctioned events. PC – Heidi Garcia

Naomi has made the trip from her home in Nebraska to help me with the production of the Wyo Wild Ride Ranch Rodeo every year that we have had it. She has been such great help. Naomi jumps right in and fills in any and all areas I have needed from being a timer, a secretary, a errand runner, and a good sounding board to get level headed advice. Naomi has had my back in cases where people thought to try to yell at me and her quick response to defending me will hold a special place in my heart for her always. Naomi has become more than a WSRRA rep to me… she has become one of my best friends.

Naomi Loomis

This pic was taken of Naomi and myself at my event the WYO WILD RIDE RANCH RODEO in 2016.

CS: Please tell us how you first got involved in the WSRRA and about the events you have produced through the years …

NL: I got involved with the WSRRA about 11 years ago. I saw a article in the Working Ranch magazine on the WSRRA. At that time, I had been producing a local ranch rodeo in Bridgeport, Nebraska. I called Marc Page and sanctioned my rodeo. I have been sanctioning WSRRA events since then. O man, how many events have I produced in my time, ummmm, I am not really sure, my guess is between 75 to 100. In 2016, I believed I produced 22 WSRRA events.  The last couple of years I have only been producing 3-4 a year. I have been helping out with WSRRA media and writings for about 4 years now.

CS: What do you look forward to most each year?

NL: I really just like ranch rodeo and ranch bronc riding. I love seeing traditions being carried on at each event. I really look forward in seeing all the people that are involved in ranch rodeo. I have met some people awesome people that I call friends. I really like the WSRRA National Finals.

CS: What is your favorite part of the WSRRA and what it represents?

NL: My favorite part of the WSRRA is what the association represents; traditions, history and family. I also appreciate the people that stand behind the association from the Board of Directors, to the staff, to all the sponsors, to all the contestants and to all the fans.

CS: What is one of your most favorite memories from a WSRRA event?

NL: O man, this one is hard. I don’t really have just one favorite memory, I have many. I really just enjoy thinking about all the cowgirls and cowboys that attend all the WSRRA events, you know we are all in the same boat, we don’t ever want to lose the western way lifestyle. I believe that as long as there are ranch rodeo and ranch bronc riding events, they all will be my favorite memories.

CS: What is one thing you would like people to know about WSRRA?

NL: I would like everyone to know that the WSRRA is all about traditions. The sport of ranch bronc riding and ranch rodeo has been around long before my time. My grandfather, who died when he was 98, talked about riding in a wagon with his family to the neighboring ranch to watch cowboys get on wild horses that “nobody could ride.” He said that the women would bring lunch, kids would run around and it was a good time.  He also said that sometimes cowboys would show off new rope tricks and such. I am very intrigued with all of that era. The era that we seem to forget but the WSRRA represent those traditions. As long as I am around, I will support it so that my kids can enjoy it as well. We may not be going to an event in a wagon but we will be attending WSRRA events that hold the same traditions.

Naomi Loomis

Loomis Family PC -Stephs Studio

Not only does Naomi work hard as a WSRRA rep and producer, but she is also a wife to Cody Loomis, a mother to 4 awesome kids, the manager of Double A Feed Store in Bridgeport, Nebraska, a blogger, an FFA volunteer, and an avid supporter of the cattle industry.
If you would like to keep up with Naomi and all her goings-on you can check out her blog where she writes about things from her heart. One day it might be a life lesson, or a scripture that spoke to her, a person who inspired her, educational information pertaining to the cattle industry, or just some fun that they been having working on their ranch.
Naomi is clever and savvy. I always enjoy her posts “From the Circle L.”
 Naomi Loomis
Check her Facebook page – The Circle L Ranch
Website – thecirclelranch.com

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