Wishing On A Loop

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The life of a cowboy is unpredictable.  Each day is a new adventure.  As my husband sat at the bench in his saddle shop, stamping the fresh leather of a piece for a saddle, he thought of how much he could get accomplished for the customer who awaits his order.  The phone rang, changing the plans in a matter of minutes.  The gentlemen on the other end asks if he would be willing to try and capture a heifer calf that had been roaming free through farmers fields and streets of housing developments. The cow had apparently escaped through the owners fence and had quite the temper.  It seemed like a challenge worth trying and reaping the reward of some extra cash in our pocket.  Little did I know, the plans of my day were about to change real fast as well!

He politely asked me and our 3 year old son, Dawson, to assist him.  We loaded up in the truck, our best ranch gelding in the trailer, and headed to search for the wild critter. As we pull into the field where she was last spotted, we notice her laying under some shade trees, looking content with a full belly and grass up to her knees.  Her ears perked up as we unload the horse. The sun is hot, the breeze barely giving any relief, and the sweat of a horse is the scent in the air.

With his rope in hand, Matt heads across the edge of the field.  Dawson is on my back, holding on for dear life just in case we have to end up running to help.  I look across the field, the heifer sees the horse, jumps to her feet, spins around on her hind legs and takes off like someone had just shot her in the behind with a BB gun.  Oh no, the race is on!  I see the dust flying, rope twirling, and I begin to pray that the first loop is a good one.  The heifer runs through another set of trees, crossing some railroad tracks, and ends up running along side of a road with a steady stream of cars.The first loop is thrown, the cow jumps across a ditch, through another set of trees, making it impossible for the rope to stay dallied. It was as if I could see the sizzle of the rope burn it left on Matt’s hand, as well as the horn. The rope was around the cows neck, her dragging it as if nothing had just happened. Round 2.

I hear the holler across the field and over the noise of the cars passing by…the holler to get another rope and meet him at the corner. I begin to run down the canal, across the road to the truck, grab another rope, and head back to where I came from. Good thing Dawson knows when to hold on tight! Forgetting how tired and out of breath I was, I tossed Matt his rope and began running again in the other direction to keep the crazy animal from crossing the road and causing an accident.

The sun continues to get hotter, and so does everyone else, Matt included, temper and all!  He began the chase again, down the side of the road, chasing the cow at full speed.  The loop was thrown, catching her around the neck. Dallied, stopped, and on the fight, the cow was not giving up.  I ran back to get the truck and trailer, pulled along side of her, and opened the trailer door. With a little work, she was loaded, rope pulled and horse uncinched.  All the while, a cop car had been setting on the side of the road catching the show. As we begin to turn the truck around, the cop car pulls up; two policemen get out holding taser guns and tell us they were ready to assist us if we would have needed it.  Really??

Posted in: Ranch Life

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