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The Western Fashion Report coming straight to you! Hello Cavvy Savvy readers! Guest blogger Sierra Rae back with you! It’s a new year and new us right??? Wrong. Same us, but there will be new FASHION! I am here to give you my style predictions after spending time in Vegas for the NFR. I also just came back from Denver Market where I watched all of our favorite brands at WESA show off their new threads at the fashion show. I’ve got all kinds of intel and I’m ready to let you in on it! Not to worry, I’ve also included all my Vegas looks for you AND my newly shaped Warbonnet that got a facelift in Vegas. I am now officially obsessed with it. So let’s get started shall we.


When ever I was asked about what I think western fashion is at the moment before the NFR I said it was very rustic, old school. We were away from the baseball tee’s and bling headbands. It was very “western” again with the hat’s and wild rags and splurge of cowboy boots coming back into play, even in high fashion scenarios. The fur and the leather took us to a glamours western
look we once saw long ago. This is exactly what I saw at the finals and I like it. I also can confirm it is here to stay. It’s simple or it’s dressed up, it’s really your choice this year I think. It’s turquoise instead of rhinestones and pendleton instead of zebra. It’s a vintage cowboy picture on a crop tee, and let me tell you again, I seriously dig it.

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I think its going to be another fun year as this past year in western fashion. It’s growing and changing and keeping up with what we want to see! This was obvious also at the fashion show and market. Wrangler brought out their vintage tee line which has been a personal pick of mine. Charlie One Horse has all the Urban Cowboy vibes one need’s in their showroom, and the jeans are feeling bell like its the 70’s once again.

You might just go through your own closet or your mom’s and pick out a few good vintage pieces as I have, and have them redone! This is the year for them to shine once again! I even ordered a vintage Panhandle shirt I plan on rocking sometime soon! Break it all out with an updated jean or skirt, I think you’ll like it just fine! I am excited to see us go into the seasons to come this year…I’ll say it again I think the western loving girls are gonna have a fun year!!!!!

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Until next time! Stay stylish!
Sierra Rae

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