Weaning Colts Part 1; Veterinarian Interview

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As Fall is just around the corner, my thoughts turn to weaning colts.

At what age do you wean colts? What vaccines? Deworming? What’s the best way to wean a colt?

I asked my favorite veterinarian and husband, Dr. Marshall Kohr from Gillette, Wyoming’s Animal Medical Center and several breeders these same questions. In the next several weeks we will publish these interviews, stay tuned!

Lynn: Dr. Marshall Kohr, what is the ideal age to wean a colt?

Dr. Kohr: 4-5 months of age.

Lynn: What vaccines do they need?

Dr. Kohr: Most vaccines are ineffective under the age of 3 months. Rhinopneumonitis and influenza are ineffective under the age of 6 months. Ideally, these colts at 3 months, while they are still on the mare, are vaccinated with sleeping sickness, tetanus and West Nile then booster them at 4 months.

Lynn: Do colts need to be dewormed, and if so when and with what product?

Dr. Kohr: Yes definitely. Colts should be dewormed between 3-8weeks old with Strongid and then again at 3-4 months with Ivermectin

weaning colts

As Dr. Kohr was giving me these basic guidelines, he carefully suggested that each individual ranch, breeding farm or one horse family, consult their personal veterinarian as these truly are guidelines and each breeding program has its own set of circumstances. As Dr. Kohr says, “It is not a one size fits ALL sort of guidelines, there are many exceptions to these rules.”

As in any Equine discipline, there are many ways to successfully wean colts. I asked several well-known breeders to share their own technique.  In my next post I will be interviewing Clara Wilson of The Wilson Ranch.


Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Ranch Life

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