Weaning Colts Part 3; Wardell Quarter Horses

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In part 1 of weaning colts I interviewed a veterinarian, and in part two I interviewed the Wilson Ranch.  Today in Moorcroft, WY I visited with Cheri Wardell, owner of Half Fast Race Horses and Wardell Quarter Horses. Cheri gives us her valuable and well tested knowledge of weaning colts.

weaning colts


All foals should be gentle, well-handled, and broke to lead before weaning. I usually wean at 4-5 months depending on the number of foals I have to wean. I like to have the stud colts cut and turned back out with their moms for at least two weeks before weaning. I also vaccinate and brand when I get the stud colts in to geld. I deworm at 60 days or sometimes earlier.

My weaning process involves putting the mares and foals in runs/pens next to each other, as it is less stressful. I put the mares on the outside 2 pens and the foals side by side- each foal has their momma on one side and their best buddy foal on one side. The foals have been eating grain with mares all along so the feed is not much of a change for them. I leave them next to each other for 4-5 days then move the babies to a larger pen and turn mares out of sight in the next couple of days. After 10 days to 2 weeks foals are then turned back to their regular pasture with a babysitter (old mare or gelding). The foals adjust quickly and with very little trauma or anxiety.

My next interview is with Jill Lane of Jill Lane Quarter Horses. Are you planning your weaning process?

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