Tricks for Getting a Horse Shod and Handling Feet

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In a perfect world, when people are doing their groundwork with a colt, they have gone through the steps to prepare him to have his feet picked up, handled, and eventually shod.  Unfortunately, the horse world is far from perfect, and many times a horse has not been prepared properly, or may just be twitchy about his feet.  In such cases, it’s always beneficial to have an extra tool in the shed rather than getting into a fight with him.  In the following video Dennis Kirkpatick shows us a trick he employs when shoeing a horse for the first time, or one that he suspects might be less than cooperative.

He begins by tying the tail in a mud knot to keep it out of his work area.  He uses a 4″ wide, lined hobble cuff, and a cotton foot rope. This particular filly is a 3 year old getting her first set of shoes.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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