Tribute to the Rancher

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In the Spring the sleep is scarce.

Heifers calving, take so much care.


Daylight comes and pairs go out,

Through pastures green, calves run about.


Spring rains bring muddy days

Plans delayed to when skies aren’t gray.


Neighbors call, they need your help —

The tractor is stuck, the pickup sunk.


Showers give way to sun-filled skies.

Wild onions are on the rise.


Flowers bloom, meadowlarks sing,

The cowboy’s rope he’ll often swing.

tribute to the rancher

Friendships formed both strong and new,

over calf brandings slick with morning dew.

tribute to the rancher

tribute to the rancher

Hay is made while the sun she shines.

Grass grows tall, we won’t whine.


When golden-gray the grass she turns,

The hay is home, and Fall, it yearns.


The heart is full, the checkbook light

When at last the calves delight.


Snow may fly before the work is through,

We’re never ready for the wind that blew.


Tractors roll to pastures small,

Unrolling bales to cows that bawl.


Though the work it never ends,

As days get short the work will wend.


Winter days of gray, cold, skies,

Will soon give way to sleepless nights.

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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