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A year ago I still thought that a hashtag was a number sign or a pound sign. Then I realized that this # was just a warning that someone’s space bar was broken and I 12227224_10206990153783719_1552822581086768256_nwas going to have a hard time reading their sentence that was all mashed together.  I was very anti-hashtag, I thought they were silly and pointless.

In February, I got asked to start managing the Cavvy Savvy Instagram page but I knew virtually nothing about it. I knew it was a place to share photos and it was a safe place for hashtags to flourish and breed! I started doing my homework (Googling) how to get more followers, how to be discovered, and I learned that hashtags are an Instagrammer’s friend.  I remember I was so excited when we got 1,000 new followers in just one month.  Since then it has been a long hard trip to get to 3,000 followers. I was posting a photo a day, unless I was out of cell service, of ranch life in America.12241257_10206990155103752_7875504744110930550_n

A few days ago I logged into Instagram and saw that we had 1,000 new followers overnight. I was sure it was a mistake so I went back to Googling common bugs and hacks that give you more followers than you deserve. Since then, 3 days ago, Cavvy Savvy’s followers have doubled. I was very appreciative and confused with all the new traffic. I did a lot of searching and I realized that our page had been featured by Instagram itself on the explore tab in their Awe-Inspiring Horses section. I was very humbled and honored by their recognition. It feels fantastic to have so many people appreciate our way of life and we thank you for it.  The photos included in this post are the top liked photos by our followers. Don’t take a day for granted. Even a bad day can make a great photo!


If you are interested in purchasing any of these photos you can shop my website at www.taylerteichert.com. Christmas is right around the corner!





Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Rodeo

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