Top Three Ranch Tack Finds

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Kristen Schurr wearing Gambler Spurs from Colorado Saddlery.


When it comes to riding on the ranch you need to be equipped with the best quality products that can withstand the countless miles and hard work you put in year after year. Here are a few go-to products that not only hold up to daily ranch work but are also true cowboy masterpieces!

This 1 5/8″ heavy harness slit ear headstall is made from the finest harness leather. They are made of 19 oz thick leather and have JW classic hardware. I have always been a fan of the Slit Ear Headstall and this one seems to work particularly well on all of my horses. It’s just the right amount of flashy but still durable for everyday ranch work.

The Colorado Saddlery 100% Pressed Wool Saddle Pad is the top of the line. This pad is made out of thick, durable pressed wool, which not only protects the horse’s back but keeps the saddle in place. The Wool wicks away moisture from the horse’s back and has cooling properties that help to regulate body temperature. Perfect for long days up riding the forest permit moving cows. The wither cut-out provides a heat-reducing pressure release and is held together by top quality, secure leather. This saddle pad is also exceptionally easy to clean. Dimensions: 32″ x 32″

A well balanced stainless steel spur with black overlays that have bright cuts to give them a special and unique look. These spurs are the perfect example of punchy meets durability. They are my everyday go-to, and they’ve held up beautifully to many days horseback and working on the ranch. 1″ band, 1″ six-point rowels and 1 3/4″ shank. Black buttons.

Posted in: Horse Care, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life