Getting To Know Tom Wagoner and Feet First Horsemanship

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Tom Wagoner, founder of Feet First Horsemanshipround pen learning, feet first horsemanship, has over 40 years of experience starting colts and polishing his horsemanship techniques.  Tom is a naturally gifted horseman, but he has capitalized on opportunities to ride and train with several other renowned horseman.
The knowledge he has gained, has given him the opportunity to travel across the country and share his gift with several different audiences.  Through his travels he has also been exposed to many different disciplines.
Tom’s clinics are designed to help you build a correct and solid foundation for your horse.  He teaches the advanced art of controlling the horses “FEET”, enabling the rider to move the horse’s entire body, and accomplish supple maneuvers free of braces.Tom rides with great precision and strives to always have complete control of all four feet.  He has instilled his training in several horses that have gone on to be proven winners.
I’m excited to share Tom’s love of horses here on Cavvy Savvy. In the mean time if you are interested in getting your horse started off on the right foot, you can join Tom today!
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Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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