The Mare that Will

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I purchased a yearling filly last summer, and now that spring is nearly upon me, I find myself wondering what the hell I was thinking! Working full time off the ranch, raising young children, and helping my husband with our trucking business has all but left me with very little time on my hands. But as with any challenge, if a person really loves something, they will make the time to do it… and while my little filly can’t read and surely wouldn’t appreciate this bit of prose, I imagine there are a few of you that have felt (or can at least relate) that bit of anxiety one feels when breaking a young horse, whether you have five minutes a day in the corral, or entire days spent in the barn.

I worry that I am not going to know what to do
Where to start
or how to begin

I worry that you won’t like me
that you will see through me
and take advantage of me

I worry that I won’t be patient enough
That I won’t be disciplined enough
That I won’t devote enough time to you

I know there is so much you will teach me
Much more than I can teach you
I know that you will put me in my place, and remind me to be humble

I know that I will be sore
That I will curse your name
Yet go to bed at night, dreaming about riding you

I know that you and I are going to fight
I also know that you and I are going to be a team
Your gentle eyes remind me that I can do this, and you can too

Little filly, I look forward to learning from you
To finding myself again; in the feel of your muscles, the scent of your hide, and
The grace in your beauty

I look to you for guidance, for although you might be young and small,
you are mighty and full of leadership
I need that in my life right now

Even though I worry that I will mess everything up
and am afraid that I am more than a little rusty when it comes to breaking colts
I know that you will teach me- if I just listen- and you will show me what to do

Because that is why you are here
why God made our paths come together
I need you and you need me, Lucy

I will lead you, trust you, and guide you as best as I can
You will lead me, trust me, and guide me as best as you can
and we will become one; a girl and her horse; a rider and her steed
And we will love the journey together.

The Mare that Will

Our lazy days are numbered…

May your spring be productive, your horses healthy, ready, and able, and your patience plentiful! ~ Richelle

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