The Joys of Jingling

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The joys of jingling, the rewards of wrangling, the . . . well . . . you get it. We’re the goobers that wrangle horses with a four-wheeler, but it’s nicer on our horses to be able to turn them out after a hard day’s work and not keep one in just to get other horses in. I’ve written a prior blog on “Just Another Day in Paradise” and “Enjoying the Ride“, and tonight is another perfect example of that. My husband asked me to take our almost two-year-old out to jingle in the horses. I have had a day cooped up in the house (my own doing) writing TSLN stories and blogs, and getting out for some fresh air was more necessary than I knew.

I think the little fella below needed some time outside too. His shirt says “Happy Camper”, and that was pretty far from the truth, all day. But he got quite a bit happier when we got rolling.

While I would rather be riding one of those horses instead of wrangling them astride a four-wheeler, a little wind in the hair and sun (maybe) on the skin is a good thing. Time outside is needed, and good horses are always fun to see, even if it is from the backside. P.S. Does everyone else’s pastures look as poor as ours? We need some rain! We had to split our horses into two pastures to help the grass last a bit longer. C’mon rain!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Ranch Life, Uncategorized, Video

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