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They have to decide when to move the cattle. They have to make friends with the BLM and Forest Service. They decide who is up in the branding pen and who works ground crew. They have to decide when the dew is right to bale the hay. They have to market the calves and ensure they make weight. They have to pick up the slack when their employees drop the ball. They have to figure rations for winter feeding. They are horsemen, cattlemen, and fencers all in one. These men and women are the bosses of ranches. They have a lot of responsibility but with that comes a lot of satisfaction. All bosses are not created equal but that is good news because almost anyone can find a boss that they enjoy working for. These men are a few of the bosses I have either worked for or come in contact with over the years.


Jerry Chapin- Retired cowboss. He currently lives on the Muleshoe Ranch near Battle Mountain, Nevada.


John Haskell- The current cowboss of the TA Ranch located in Saratoga, Wyoming. Doctoring a weaner steer.


Samuel Parry- Cowboss at Crawford Cattle on The Bullhead Ranch located near Paradise Valley, Nevada. Stringing them out the gate after branding.


The Association- Bart Wojciechowski, Mike Seal, Brett Zollinger, and Seth Teichert. Fall work near Mackay, Idaho.


Tim McAbee- Foreman on the Joy Unit of The Rex Ranch loacted north of Lakeside, Nebraska


Jim Andrea- Retired cowboss. Currently an Elko County Brand Inspector.


Will Hudsen- The man in the middle is the Cowboss of the ID Ranch located north of Sinclair, Wyoming.


Mark Lundy- Cowboss of The Gamble Ranch located near Montello, Nevada.


Mark Bowman- Ranch owner near Alliance, Nebraska.


Seth Teichert- Ranch Manager of The No Tellum Creek Ranch located near Mackay, Idaho.


Davey White- Lead Off Cowboy at Crawford Cattle located near Paradise Valley, Nevada.


John Young- Foreman of the Rex Unit on the Rex Ranch located south of Whitman, Nebraska.

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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