That Old Cow

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That old cow you see right there
Well she ain’t much to look at now.
She’s skin and bones and walks with a limp.
Her glory days have come and gone.

But look beyond the bony frame.
The toll from miles out on the range.
Look past the aged and crippled gait
That slowly traverses one last trail.

To years gone by when she was new.
A favored one, the chosen few.
She’s raised some beautiful calves to date –
Some you’ve sold and some replaced
Other old cows.
She’s paid your bills and fed your kids,
Given you a laugh or two.

So when the cull truck comes a calling
Just like they always have to do,
Remember that old cow
And all she gave to you…

And when the tail lights fade away
I might have to wipe one tear away
for That Old Cow.

This poem was written by a fellow ranch wife: Jennifer Ackley and I thank her much for allowing me to share it. She’s right, I do wipe the tears for the old gals. It’s one of the hard parts about being a rancher, and one of the sad parts of fall. But grass isn’t infinite, and ranchers believe the critter should have just as much purpose in death as she did in life. So, if she can go to feed those who’re hungry, she has more yet to give.

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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