Equi Vibe encourages faster healing for horses’ feet and legs, increases hoof growth

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In a previous interview with Terri Kissack, we talked about her gift of helping horses at Kissack Equine. In this follow up installment with Terri, we will discuss the newest addition to her program, the Equi Vibe.

What is the Equi Vibe?

I purchased an Equi Vibe Machine in June of 2016 to add to my business and it has been an incredible addition. The Equi Vibe table is a platform that your horse stands on and vibrates in a verticle direction. It has several different settings for different frequencies depending on what your horse needs. It increases blood flow thereby helping to speed healing to damaged tissue such as ligaments and tendons.

Share some of the successful results you have seen.

It has shown to accelerate hoof growth immensely, so super good for quarter cracks or just a foot needing growth so a farrier can get a certain goal done to a horse’s foot. It works all of a horse’s muscle tissue while they are on it. It relaxes them and helps with sore, overworked muscles. When they get off the Vibe table their muscles are relaxed and more conducive to treatment.

I have had several praise reports of the Vibe table from barrel racers who have put their horses on it and seen immediate results in their barrel times. My farrier said it best when he said he liked the EquiVibe table. When asked why he said, the hoof growth and integrity of the horses hooves are amazing, the horses love to get on it (sometimes loading themselves after a couple sessions) and he said, I like it for my sore back. Before I purchased the EquiVibe table I asked several vets in different parts of the nation their opinion.  The ones who had been around them highly recommended them for their healing properties.

For questions or to schedule an appointment contact Terri Kissack at Kissack Equine.  Spearfish, SD  605-645-7235.

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