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Daron Little’s latest release begs for listeners to do one simple thing: Support your Local Cowpuncher. Quite the musician, cowboy, and singer, Daron is a regular cowpuncher living on Elk Mountain in Wyoming. His guitar playing is entrancing and his lyrics encourage toe-tapping. I had hoped to get to know Daron a little better, so here is a Q & A with him, which includes information on where to get some of his music for your collection.


Photos courtesy of Holly D. Roark, Middle of Nowhere Photography

First tell me about you, please.

Well, I am just a guy that works for the TA ranch out of Saratoga, Wyoming. I have been married to my wife Dana for the last 20-some odd years, and we have three daughters. I have cowboyed in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and a little bit in Montana. I did some packing up there when I was young, but grew up in Louisiana. I moved out here when I was 28.

How did you get into music?

I was an only child, and we lived out in the country so I didn’t have a lot of play mates, so to speak, or kids to play with. We had cattle and horses and stuff, but I always liked music. My first recollection of music was an eight-track tape of Johnny Cash, and I could just pick out all the different parts of the guitarist and bass drums. I started playing guitar when I was seven or eight years, and I played through high school and then played in college.

What is your favorite song you’ve written to date?

My favorite song that I’ve written would have to be Support your Local Cowpuncher off the new record. Since the release of the record I wrote one called Are You a Cowboy? and did a Facebook video that received several thousand hits in about a week. It was from a chance encounter in the Dallas airport, and it turned into a cool song.


Photo courtesy of Holly D. Roark, Middle of Nowhere Photography

What musician do you admire most?

As far as western influences of course there are the usual suspects, Ian Tyson, Chris LeDoux, and Mike Beck. I really enjoyed Mike’s music. I got to meet Mike and become friends; he’s been really influential on a musical path. He’s gotten me to listen to guitar players and different bands that are little bit out of what I was listening to, and then just helped with my guitar playing as well. He’s just a good guy.

Where has been your favorite place to perform?

I really enjoy playing at brandings. As far as like cowboy poetry or gatherings, Elko was fun. The Texas gathering in Alpine is a total blast; I always really enjoy playing at the WRCA finals in Amarillo; and in the Western Heritage Classic in Abilene. I really enjoy all those gigs. I don’t really have much booked this summer. I have some local shows I’ll play, but if people want me to come play, I’m pretty accessible, just call me!

Where can we find your albums and songs to purchase?

I have three or four albums out there on iTunes and Spotify and Amazon music to play or my website I don’t know how many songs I’ve written, but if you want to hear some of my stuff, you can go to my Facebook page, Daron Little, and look up videos or just go to YouTube and type in “Daron Little”, and it will play songs off the records. I released some videos, and people have taken videos of me playing at different venues, so you can kind of see what I’m about when I play live.


Listen to Daron’s music on iTunes

Listen to Daron’s music on Spotify

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Ranch Cowboy Music

Dos Amigos feat. Butch Hause


Support your Local Cowpuncher

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