Soft Eye, Soft Feel, Soft Feet. Part 3 Balanced Horse and Balanced Ride

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From the ground, as told in part 1 and part 2 ,I have my horse soft eyed, with a soft feel and moving with light and soft feet.  My horse is ready to ride.

I follow the very same steps on his back as I do on the ground, using split reins, I have my leading, directional hand and my adding pressure hand is my leg (instead of swinging the loose end of a lead rope, I can squeeze with leg pressure). If I need more pressure, I could always use the other split rein (and only in extreme cases would that be necessary).

I go through my part 1 and part 2, asking for their head to come to my light pressure side to side,soft feel, side to side

then by rolling my hand thumb up, I ask them to cross over behind, reaching deeply across.

Reaching Deep With Inside Hind Leg

I then turn my hand palm out and ask them to step out with a front foot and come on across, forwardly. Making sure they are thoughtful and soft both ways.

With this accomplished,  I am ready for serpentines…just putting these half soft circles together, moving feet lightly forward, back, left and right.


From here on, all things are possible for you and your horse…Soft Eyes leads to a Soft Feel giving us Soft Feet.

Happy Trails.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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