Social Distancing To-Do List

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Our family is a busy family, and especially this time of year. Normally we would be attending High School Rodeos, College Rodeos, Barrel Futurities, and Ropings. However, like everyone else, we are doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19  and sticking close to home. This is a great time for us to catch up on lots of items that have been on our to-do list.  This list is a good reminder to take care of your tack and horse supplies.  You’ll appreciate the safety it brings you and your horse.

  1. Check Tack Over
    1. Tighten any loose Chicago screws
    2.  Oil any worn, dry, or cracked areas on your bridle. Replace if severely cracked!
    3. Oil and check your reins. Buckles and straps.
    4. Clean your dirty cinches. We like to power wash with water only and hang in the sun to dry.
    5. Clean and oil saddles. We love Skidmore’s Saddle Cream.  Take a good look at the dry places around your stirrup. Oil them well. I’ve witnessed a barrel racer’s stirrup leather break turning the third barrel, and it was terrible, landing her in the emergency room.  Stirrup leathers should be oiled often. Don’t forget your rear cinch and breast listto-do list to-do list
  2.  Disinfect Stalls
    1. Pull up mats, dig down a layer of the winter pile up, and spread lime.  Open your doors and let the sun shine in, even if it’s only for an hour or list to-do list
  3. Clorox your waterers or water tanks.
    1. Automatic waterers are a wonderfully warm place for bacteria. After a long winter a good scrub and a cap full of Clorox leave them shiny and clean.
    2. It is almost time to fill summer water tanks. We usually have a tank or two that we have to seal from chopping winter ice. After I seal the tank, and like to give it a good scrub with Clorox. Rinse and refill and you are ready for spring and list to-do list
  4. Clean all buckets.  Any and all buckets I have used for travel in the winter I scrub and Clorox, then hang out in the sun. While they are sunning I check all the straps and make sure to replace any old or broken ones.

Hopefully after completing this to-do list you’ll feel even more ready to roll as soon as our social distancing order is lifted. I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve enjoyed this family time. Aside from checking off our to-do list we’ve gotten lots of colts rode, our competition horses feel rested and ready, and we are looking forward to getting back on the rodeo road.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life, Rodeo

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