Sneak Peek of Upcoming Clinics with Tom Wagoner

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Tom WagonerTwo big weekends of clinic action are planned for Tom Wagoner and “Feet First” Horsemanship during the upcoming month of August.

This first clinic will take place August  13th & 14th in Story, WY and will be hosted by Krista Huntley.  Krista and her family have attended multiple clinics and they are looking forward to polishing their colts for the Ranchers Quarter Horse Breeders Association (RQHBA) Top Performance Horse 2 & 3 year old Futurity, held at Beslers Cadillac Ranch August 28, 2016.  The futurity competition includes a pattern with maneuvers such as open a gate, cross a bridge, walk/trot over logs, drag an object, stop, back, roll-back, figure 8 (simple or flying change of leads), ground tie, pick up feet, open/close mailbox, accept slicker, load into/b
ack out of
trailer.  These topics will be the highlight of the weekend.  Currently, Krista only has a few spots left.  For more information contact Krista at (307) 751-6381 Tom Wagoner,August From the Ground to the Arena 2016

The second clinic, From the Ground to the Arena with Tom Wagoner and Lynn Kohr, will be held August 16-18, 2016 in Laramie, WY and will be hosted by Shea Flanigan.  Tom and Lynn will be integrating their expertise to help individuals take their horses from the ground to the pattern.  A few of the topics that will be covered are timing between horse and rider, recognition of horse’s foot placement, building a broader horsemanship foundation and then… TAKE IT ALL TO THE BARREL PATTERN!!!! There will also be simple bit demonstration and review of different bits and how they work. For more information contact Shea to get signed up (307) 343-2607!

Both weekends will bring several great horses and horseman together to learn from a few of the best!

Until next time, always enjoy your ride!


Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Rodeo

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