Be Smart: Rope The Dummy

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When heading out to rope the dummy,
grab the worst rope you can find.
A way-too-stiff, fuzzed-up nylon
or a raggy poly will do just fine.

If you can throw a good loop with those,
a new rope will be a day off.
Plus, it’ll save you ropes and money,
by not wearing them all out on the rocks.

Throw a few loops at the head end,
then lob a few heel shots.
Do this every day for a year,
and your total will add up to lots.

If the hour is late and the sun is low,
but you’ve got to practice for the big rodeo,
Be smart: rope the dummy.

Throw a loop to catch slick horn,
then rope it around the neck.
Practice walking up and throwing,
jerking your slack and heading left.

See if you can rope two feet
by swinging just one time.
If you have to start with swinging twice,
that will do just fine.

Then, try swinging three times,
or just hold up your hand and throw.
That will point out any flaws,
which are always good to know.

Practice standing back a ways,
then walk up, turn left and throw.
That simulates the roping pen,
at your next jackpot or rodeo.

When a bitter wind is blowing,
or a white-out blizzard is snowing,
Be smart: rope the dummy.

You can buy a name-brand model,
for a large amount of money.
Or use some old two-by-fours
to construct a homemade dummy.

To up the stakes a little,
and practice for your next jackpot,
grab a friend for a game of OUT.
Loser has to buy the next soda pop.

Can you rope with both eyes closed?
Do you have that much feel for your swing?
Practice this way on both head and heels,
’till catching ain’t nothing but a thing.

If you want to win and beat the best,
at the next roping and pick up a check,
Be smart: rope the dummy.

rope the dummy

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life, Rodeo

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