Slick Storage of Your Latigo

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In Properly Storing Gear Part one and Part two, I talked about how my husband and I are very particular about how our gear is stored, and in doing so, we often maximize its lifespan. Consider this an addendum to that blog, but important enough to stand on its own.

Let me get up on this soapbox quick . . . Ok, I’m up here. Folks, put up your latigos! Don’t know how? No problem, I’ll show you! (If you don’t know what a latigo is, it’s that long strap that connects your saddle rigging to your cinch. It has a pretty important job.)

I’ll also tell you that we use latigos on both sides of our saddles. No billets around here. If you size your cinch wrong, there’s no need to loosen or undo the left side, just adjust the off side.

A latigo on the off side offers more flexibility in sizing the cinch to a particular horse and offers the ability to remove a saddle from either side. I have observed the need for this a few times, most of which were with ranch saddle broncs, but in one instance, a girl’s pony tripped and went to its knees, leaving the girl dangling off the left side with her hands flat on the ground. She was tangled up enough that it was quicker and easier to undo the right-side latigo than untangle her. She and the saddle slumped to the sand no worse for the wear.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life, Uncategorized, Video

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