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It isn’t the place that makes the place… it’s the people. I met Megan Vosburgh in Nebraska and she made me love the place. She has traveled all over the world following her dreams and getting an education. I am sure everywhere she has been she has made people love where they are, because they were with her. I guess what I am saying is the good times follow her around. She was my roomie and teammate at the WSRRA finals last November and we had a blast. She is handy in more aspects than just roping… she is extremely capable in so many fields. She likes good music, and has this draw about her that makes you want to know her. So I guess before I continue going off about how awesome I think she is I will jump into my interview with her so we can find out why you think she is awesome.

Where did you grow up?

Littleton, Colorado. It is a suburb of Denver so I was born and raised a city girl.

What is your favorite nick name and how did you get it?

I would have to go with Megs and Bacon. I got it from a random stranger last year at the WSRRA Finals and he just said it out of nowhere and I loved it!

Did you go to college?

Yes, I went to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, CO for two years and then I went to Colorado State University and graduated there several years ago with a degree in Animal Science.

When did you decide you wanted to be a cowgirl/AI woman?

Well, my grandparents had a ranch when I was little so I rode as a kid growing up all the time. When I was in high school I decided I really liked bull riding and now I feel kind of stupid saying that, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I was like 15, but I was a girl and girls couldn’t ride bulls so I decided I wanted to rodeo. When I was 16 I bought a young horse and trained it to run barrels and we didn’t do very well, but I had fun.

How did you get into your line of work?

I took an artificial insemination course in college, just for the credits, over Christmas break. It was a 5 day course and I didn’t think anything about it. Later I was living in Bridgeport, NE and there was a vet here that did all the AIing and I thought surely there is more work here than one guy can handle. So I decided that is what I wanted to do, because I was certified and there was a need. I got ahold of my AI teacher and he got me set up with a semen distributing company and I started selling semen. At this point I knew I would need experience because nobody was going to hire someone who had only bred five cows. I talked to my teacher again and he got me set up with a lady who had gone to Australia to work for an AIing company. So I went to Australia to travel around breeding cows, this company didn’t care that I didn’t have experience because they were going to train me the way they wanted it done. So I came home and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Working for the vet helped too because now I know everyone around who has cows.  Some people from Wisconsin opened a heifer development lot and I walked in and gave them my card and now I work there. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.


You’ve lived all over the world, how do you make all these places home or do you? Have you hated some of them or learned to love them all?

Ya know it is funny you ask that, because there have been so many places I have not liked and I just wanted to leave and then once I was gone I missed them. I was so done with Bridgeport when I went to Australia, but when I came back to the states, Nebraska was the first place I wanted to come, I missed it. Bridgeport was a good stepping stone for me because I am from a city not a small town and it is really hard to be the new kid on the block in a town of 1,500 people. I had a friend from college who’s family lived in Bridgeport and they helped me get a job and find somewhere to live, so that really helped. Then when I moved to Oshkosh it was easy because I had done the whole small town thing.

Where do you call home now?

Oshkosh, Nebraska is home now. My parents’ house will always be home, but I don’t feel at home in Denver anymore. I don’t like to leave here, ever.

If you could go out on the town with one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Oh my, maybe Rob Dyrdek from Rediculousness and Fantasy Factory, because he doesn’t do anything but have fun all the time. I just think he would be really fun to hang out with.

What is your favorite song at the moment?

Girls by Miranda Lambert

When people think of you what do you hope you are remembered for?

Being a good person, it is something I always try to do and I always want to do the right thing, but sometimes I know I don’t.

What does the perfect day look like for you?

My main thing in the morning is waking up early and drinking coffee. Then going and riding in the hills and roping. I like roping outside a lot more than in an arena. I someday want my own cows that I can just ride through and rope whenever I want.

If you were a beverage what would you be and why?

I’d totally be coffee, because when I think of coffee I think of kicking back and enjoying the morning and I think I’m pretty laid back and enjoyable. I am also pretty lively and get people going just like coffee.

What is one life lesson you’ve learned and want to share with our readers?

You cannot live your life for someone else; you have to always do what makes you happy. If there is something you want to do there is no reason why you cannot do it. I grew up in the heart of Denver and now I live in the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska and I own my own AI business. The only thing that is going to stop you is yourself. Never live your life trying to please others, I have done that and it is a big mistake.

Tell us about your favorite horse you’ve ever ridden…

Hawk, like the bird! It’s pretty funny to me actually because nobody else likes him or gets along with him, but I love him. He is almost kinda bat shit crazy (pardon my language), maybe that is why I get along with him so well. I have never got on him and asked him to do something that he would not do. There is nothing I won’t do on him. He always surprises me.

What is your most prized possession?

My miniature wiener dog, her name is Helen. She is so funny and everybody loves her.

What is your favorite pastime?

Team roping, not at a rodeo but just practicing and roping for fun.

What advice do you have for other people trying to enter the ranching industry?

Learn all you can learn, and be prepared to work really hard. Go get a job on a ranch, I’m sure you can find a ranch that is willing to hire someone without a lot of experience if you are willing to learn. It’s not rocket science… well I guess it can be some days.

One thing that has helped me so much is the support of my parents. They never once said, “You are from the city, you can’t do that.” You can go out and do anything you would like with your life but it sure helps to have people backing you up along the way. My parents have had my back all along, so props to my parents!

Some say our way of life is dying what do you have to say to that?

I agree, I blame our parents’ generation because even around here (Sandhills of Nebraska) there are lots of people that ranch who don’t have kids who want any part of it and I think that comes from the parents not having their children involved in the day to day ranch work. In the same breath there are more ranch rodeos here than ever before, it is just blooming like crazy. So that makes me think that the romantic part of ranching isn’t dying but the hard day to day work is.

I told Megan this was going to be the best interview ever because she was nailing these questions and without missing a beat she said, “Well maybe I should enter a beauty contest!” I am pretty sure she could win that between her amazing personality and good looks. Miss Florida wouldn’t stand a chance. You may have the desire to do some social media stocking after learning how cool she is, but I have some bad news for you, she is too busy being awesome chasing her dreams to waste her time on the internet.

All fan mail can be sent to Megan Vosburgh at

6615 Road 167

Lisco, NE 69148


Megan and I at the WSRRA Finals in 2014.

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