Respect is Always Right with Horses

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Respect is always right and everything we do with our horse matters. Have you ever been in a hurry? Maybe you’ve caught your horse without waiting for your horse to respectfully turn, face and walk towards you?  Then you drag your horse to the trailer instead of leading him lightly? Then you load him and maybe he crowds you disrespectivly a bit?  On this day you don’t take the time to ask him for your personal space… Maybe tomorrow. You get to the arena and saddle while he moves his feet around you, making you throw your saddle, aiming for his back instead of gently setting it on a quiet still back. Maybe tomorrow you will take time to ask him to stand still. You jump on, no ground work, then wonder why he isn’t soft and light? Perhaps tomorrow you will put a snaffle on first and do a bit of stretching and ground work? Tomorrow…how about TODAY and NOW?

I have been in these EXACT shoes. In fact, I know EXACTLY how disrespectful my horse can be if I hurry through any of these processes!!! EVERYTHING we do with our horse matters. How we catch him and how he lets us catch him, how we lead, load, mount, ride…IT ALL MATTERS.

By taking a minute more of time, asking for and demanding respect, saves us time in the long run. It keeps us safe and out of harms way, plus delivers us a happy respectful horse to hang out with! TODAY take time to let your horse turn, face and happily walk right up to you when you go to catch him.

TODAY take a few minutes to step him around you while untracking his feet then lightly lead him off to saddle or load or turn out.

TODAY after saddling, stretch your horse with his halter and lead, side to side, up, down, back and forth.



Any tightness? Dragging anywhere? Take care of it before getting on. And, TODAY, have a happy, light and RESPECTFUL time with your horse!! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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