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Tris Munsick PC: Lyle Lovett

There are so many country singers, but very few of them have done a real days work on ranch. In this series A Real Cowboy Singing Country Music I plan to tell you about a few who really do fit this description. I would like to start this series off about a great guy from around Sheridan, Wyoming who’s name is Tris Munsick.

tris munsick

Tris Munsick

After I heard the classy, string band called the Munsick Boys and I heard Tris Munsick sing I contacted Tris to see if he would consider playing at a silent aucion benefit concert we were having during Wyoming State Fair for the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame (WCHF). We were thrilled to have Tris perform at our benefit.

Poster we had for benefit concert.

Tris performing at our WCHF Benefit Concert at WY States Fair in 2015.

I contacted Tris Munsick again later that year and asked him if The Munsick Boys would consider playing at the very first WCHF State Induction Ceremony and again Tris Munsick answered the call and came to our aide. I will always be grateful to Tris for sharing his talent and time to help us with Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame fundraisers when we were just starting out.

Tris Munsick

Tris Munsick and his dad Dave Munsick playing at the very first WCHF State Induction Ceremony 2015.

The Munsick Boys will always play music together when they can but as we know life happens and everyone has their own journey. They all are branching out in their own directions with music and life. Tris now has a band called Tris Munsick and The Innocents.

Tris Munsick

Tris Munsick and The Innocents – Band members include Daniel Ball, Tom Lulias, Nick Lulias, and Ryan Bell.  PC: Megan J Stanislaw


I recently asked Tris a few questions about his journey and his music…

CS: Please tell us about your background growing up in a musical family and what that was like?

TM: Well, my dad ran a ranch on the east slope of the Big Horn Mountains in Northern Wyoming. He was and is a great musician as well as a cowboy. My folks exposed my brothers and I to music at a very young age. We started with piano and moved into other instruments as we got older. Seemed like there was always music in our house growing up. Nowadays, we all have our individual careers and don’t get to play together as much as we’d like. It’s still a pretty special feeling when we get together to play music. We are damned lucky to be able to have that in our family.

Old photo of Tris, his little brother Sam, and their dad Dave.

CS: When did you record your first album on your own and were you nervous going out on your own?

TM: I did a few recording projects growing up, and while I don’t consider them professional projects they did teach me a lot about the process of writing and arranging songs. Our first album as Tris Munsick and the Innocents was recorded at Thunderground Studios in Laramie, WY. We worked really hard on it, and I’m proud of a lot of those songs. I think any time you record music for people to hear the stakes are high. That recording is going to be around forever, and you want to make sure you say what you need to get said.

CS: When was your second album released? What can people expect when they listen to it?

TM: We released our second album “Dancehall Days” last Summer. I really like the way it turned out. The songs really reflect our life traveling around the country for the last couple years. Our sound has changed as we’ve grown as a band, and I think this album shows that. For us, everything has to start with the song. The musical arrangement has to help the song out and not get in its way. Whether that means a ripping guitar solo or a simple fiddle pad, I think we did a good job getting our point across on that album.

CS: Do you think growing up cowboy and working with horses has helped inspire your lyrics or what is it that you draw from for inspiration?

TM: I wouldn’t change a thing about the way we grew up. I think the word “cowboy” gets tossed around a lot. People get hung up on the color of your boots or the way you shape your hat. To me being a cowboy is about how you choose to live your life and the values that are important to you. I have always looked up to cowboys, and I try to be one every day. My songs come from every day life, and while they aren’t all specifically geared towards horses and cattle, I do try to write about the lifestyle that most people only see in movies. I realize that not everybody will relate to my songs, but I hope those that do are able to take something away from listening to my music.

CS: What are your future plans?

TM: Who knows what the future holds. As long as people keep listening, we will keep playing. I really love playing music for folks that love to hear it. Our families, friends, and fans have been incredible in supporting us from the beginning, and we will continue to grow and do our best to honor the support they have given us. We are back in the studio this spring and will hopefully have some new tunes coming your way shortly. Other than that, thanks for supporting your local cowboy musician. We need it!


To find out the more about Tris Munsick check out his website – trismunsick.com

OR his Facebook page

Tris Munsick PC: Lyle Lovett

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