Ranch Life In Black and White

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I know that most of us see the world in color. And colors are gorgeous. I love color. But sometimes, when you’re taking a photograph, or trying to make art, black and white is the way to go. Personally, black and white photographs are my favorite.  They allow you to see so much more – texture, contrast, depth, to name a few. Things that a bright color will often mask, or that you may not notice because you’re too busy looking at the gorgeous blue sky — which mind you — South Dakota doesn’t lack. Sometimes though, it’s good to take a step back, and notice the tiny details.  In the photos below the way the sun shines on the muscles of a horse, or cow, the flicking of an ear (the bovine or equine kind), the vast, wide open that is my home, or the hills that look like French Braids.

My other half throws a pretty loop onto a yearling heifer — just because, well, roping is fun. I took this from the back of my horse that I was roping on that day!

Throwback to a much warmer day than today... It's currently -9 degrees F, and it feels like the furnace can't even keep up. I took this photo in July of last year from the back of my yellow horse, Avie. And of course my other half is roping on #chachithew

Here, my other half trots out after a yearling heifer that tried to make a break for it, the same day we were roping. They gotta learn to stay rodeared up.  He’s riding one of our ranch stallions, Chachi (Poco Tivio Pep) also known as Chachi The Wild Stallion (because he’s anything but). He’s one of our go-to horses for kids, novices and beginners. 

I'm certain that it's fairly safe to say that cowboys are an icon of the American West. And frankly, I wish I had the opportunity to photograph more of them, but I'm usually horseback doing a job when the opportunity would present itself. This past summ


You may argue if you like, but the world is best viewed from the back of a horse!

The world is best viewed from the back of a horse. #teamblonde #cowboygirl #life #lifebetweentheears #instagood #lifebetweentheseears #betweentheirears #throughtheirears #bnw_demand #blackandwhite #ranching #ranchlife #ig_equine #equine #thedxranch #thevi


The Moose just wanted to show you his pretty ears after we finished his first outside ride. 

The pretty Moose. #love #ig_equine #igers #horse #horses #instagood #blackandwhite #photography #iphone6 #iphonography #horsesofinstagram #equine #art #MyStory #thedxranch #theviewfromhere


Here, Chachi and I survey the progress, as we work to clean out a pasture of first calf and replacement heifers.

Headed towards Parker Creek. #American_agriculture_ #agrowlife #Ag #ig_equine #cows #ranchlife #ranchhorse #ranchlands #hifromsd #southdakota #love #chachithewildstallion #lifebetweentheears #betweentheirears #horsesofinstagram #cowsofinstagram #ranching

I hope you found this view as remarkable as I. It’s one I never tire of.

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