Ranch Country Neighbors

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I loaded up my kids the other day and drove an hour north to visit some neighbors who had just moved to the IL Ranch. In the Great Basin ranch country, our “neighbors” sometimes live many miles away, often down a rutted dirt road.

I love the drive to the IL. While still on the pavement, we passed the turn-off to Jack Creek. In decades past, this was a gas station and a hoppin’ little bar. Now, it’s a creek access point and an old bar building. Good place to pick elderberries and chokecherries, though.


A hunting camp had popped up just before the road turned to dirt. Looks like they were really roughing it. I was surprised I didn’t see a satellite dish on top of one of the trailers. They probably had one on their fancy trailer, not one of these old beater rigs they dragged out to the desert.


Ah, the glorious dirt road! It was pretty dang washboard-y this trip, but that’ll happen out in the country.


We followed the washboard road until we came to this wooden BLM sign.


If we went straight, we would’ve ended up at the SL division of the YP Ranch, then the 7J division, then the reservation town of Owyhee, then Idaho.


But, we didn’t go straight; we turned left toward the IL. Nope, no cell phone service out here, so you better know how to change a tire and always carry a spare.


No cell phone service, but there are plenty of speed goats! Or, “antelope,” as they are also known. Ranch country driving tip: When you see one antelope cross the road, you better slow down and drive cautiously, because there are almost always more to come.


After several miles of dirt road, we came to the reservoir, which is pretty much dry this time of year. No water, but oh my goodness how beautiful the fall colors were!


Directly across the road from the reservoir are the beautiful and expansive IL meadows. Well, some of them. There are a lot of beautiful meadows on this beautiful ranch. The native hay has been harvested for the year, and they are resting up to turn green and lush next spring.


A few more miles of rough dirt road, and we arrived at the IL headquarters! There, I visited with Jeff and Taylor while my kiddos played with their kiddo. After a couple hours of visiting, I loaded up my crew and we one hour later, we were back at home.


Out in ranch country, distance and dirt roads don’t stop us from socializing! With some good music and plenty of snacks for the kids, the drive is pretty relaxing, really.

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