From Ranch To Arena

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I want to base my blogs on my background in the ranch and how I used it to be successful in the arena. First and foremost I believe in wet saddle blankets.  By this I mean that in order for your horse to be enjoyable to ride he should be given a job and know what tired means.  When I say tired I don’t mean mentally fatigued. I mean relaxed when you  quit riding and they enjoy staying there with you till you tell them to leave.  I grew up on ranch horses that were all business but never wasted energy fretting over the little stuff.  They knew that it could be a long day.  My show horses are expected to be the same way, so I use them a lot on the ranch.  It takes the pressure off and gives them meaning to their job.  The next day that colt that might have been giving me problems in the arena after 10-15 miles the day before, will be relaxed and ready to learn.  So if you have the chance to ride outside, please do so, remember that’s what our performance horses all started out as before there were arenas.

Posted in: Horse Training, Ranch Life

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