Raise Your Eyes Up. Your Horse Will Follow.

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When picking your way down a steep, loose rocked, switch-backed and narrow trail, it is oh so tempting to look down. It is hard to look forward to the next step.



Galloping up to an imposing, high jump, it is so very easy to look at the rail, and unnatural to look up and over the intimidating fence.  Chasing after a scared, lonely and wild yearling, it is easy to be watching down at the sagebrush and ravines that you are racing over, and more difficult to just focus on the horizon.

Blasting to first barrel in a lighted arena, it is our tendency is to look at the barrel and counter instinctive to look beside the barrel, lifting our eyes up to where we want our horses to run to.

Keeping your eyes up helps guide your horse.

Keeping your eyes up helps guide your horse.

Horses are more like airplanes and automobiles in that they go where we look. Ever been looking in the barrow ditch for deer and, oops, your truck hits the rumble strips or the loose dirt before the drop off?  Lesson 101 in private pilot licensing:  Keep your eyes straight ahead. If you look to the right, your plane will turn to the right.

Whether riding on a trail or in an arena, lift your eyes up to where you are going and enjoy your horse innately going just where you are looking.


Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Rodeo

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