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Rebekah Landmark, owner of Turquoise Armadillo Co., makes the neatest scarves for those of all ages and the prettiest little bows for cowboy girls. She can even create custom gear that includes a brand or particular discipline! Read more about what Rebekah offers and shop with her here: http://turquoisearmadillo-co.myshopify.comTurquoise Armadillo Co

How did you get into making wild rags?

I started by making them just for myself! I initially had no plans in making wild rags. Turquoise Armadillo Co started out as just bows. There are so many talented wild rag makers out there and I didn’t think I would be able to compete with them! As I fell more in love with the patterns that I offer I realized I could compete by standing out! By offering very specific and unique patterns it caught attention. I was truly amazed at how quickly my wild rags grew in popularity.

What was the driving force for being an entrepreneur?

Being the sole provider for my new born baby offered financial challenges. I was a single mom on maternity leave and desperate to make ends meet. I had to find something that I could do from home. I prayed and had faith. God took the three yards of fabric I bought and gave me the guidance to build a business with them. When I went back to my day job I continued building and growing Turquoise Armadillo Co.

Turquoise Armadillo Co

You have an extension in equine background as well, right?

Yes! I showed performance horses in middle and high school! In college I competed collegiately for the UMC Equestrian Hunt Seat team. Post college I moved to Oklahoma and started working with racehorses, primarily Quarter Horses. I obtained my trainer’s license and worked as a loper and assistant trainer. During foaling season I worked as a foaling attendant and delivered many babies! I enjoyed team roping as a hobby and offered colt starting in my free time. I ride more leisurely now that my daughter wants to come aboard with me.

Turquoise Armadillo CoIn addition to your life with horses, tell me about you!

I have a two and half year old little girl named Coralie. She is absolutely my entire world. Being a single mother is demanding. Right now being the best I can be for her is my focus. When I am not working, she and I are off on some adventure. Being a small business owner is also demanding but just as rewarding.

How do you balance being a mom and getting items made and out the door, it’s a tall order.

So many late nights and just as many early mornings. It has certainly been challenging. I really strive to give my child an active life and so we are often at the barn, going to the park, etc. After she goes to bed is when I get the most work done. I am blessed to have family who live right down the road so when I am really swamped they are happy to take her. Coralie is at a really fun age where she wants to do everything I do. She sits on my sewing table with her kid scissors and pretends to make things with me. I even gave her one of the old sewing machines to play with.

How did you get into sewing?

My mother sews, her mother sews and my grandmother on my dad’s side sews. It was something I played around with when I was much younger. I didn’t really pick it up again until I decided to make things for my daughter.

Turquoise Armadillo Co

What do you offer that others don’t?

My crazy prints and having sizes catering to the kiddos have really been something I only see at Turquoise Armadillo Co. I design many of my own prints so they really are something you won’t find anywhere else. I offer sizes for toddlers and teens, not just adults. The little kid wild rags have been such a hit. Kids love the cute and funky prints. I am also able to work so closely with my customers that I can offer prints geared specifically for them, such as corgi prints for a corgi owner and charolais prints for a char rancher. Another thing that really makes me stand out is offering custom brand wild rags and bows. I can take a family brand or a business logo and design a one of a kind wild rag. The options are endless and they are so fun to do.

You don’t use silk, but instead use satin. Why is that?

Affordability and accessibility! There are not many custom silk producers and the cost is so incredibly extreme. Printing on a poly blend is much more affordable and offers so much more diversity. It’s difficult to differentiate by feel, the two are so similar in texture! The company I use for printing is one of the most advanced in fabric texture technology and this isn’t like the polyester satin you find at local fabric stores! The material is silk soft, extremely shiny and very durable.

Turquoise Armadillo CoWhat is one of your  favorite orders?

I love doing custom brand orders. My favorites are the ones that include generations of family brands. It means a lot to me to be able to offer a product that can grant sentimental value.

What do people most commonly order?

Wild rags, so many wild rags. It always surprises me because I was so sure I wouldn’t be able to compete with other companies out there.

How do you sew your scarves, they seem to hold up really well! (I myself have a red merle aussie print and my boys each have a scarf made by Rebekah!)

I use a serging machine. It creates a really pretty and clean edge. I use colors that compliment the wild rag and make them even more fun. It’s a machine that took a lot of practice to learn how to use but now it’s something I can’t live without. I have a spare one at all times.

You also make hair bows, what else do you offer?

Hair bows and wild rags are my two best selling products. In addition to those I also make twillies, blankets, baby bibs, dog bandannas and soon hope to be offering handmade clothing.

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