Pressure and Intent

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Many of you know that a horse will move away from pressure, but they also need to learn to take it. The intent used when you ask for something with your horse is very important. They will sort it out sooner than us, most of the time! I’d been struggling with this horse running away from pressure, so by roping him I helped him learn to sort out intent.

I want him to learn that he doesn’t need to be scared of the rope. He can follow the feel (pressure) of the rope forward and backward. When I start choosing a foot (I’ve been asked this question before), how do I set it up so that the foot I want to move, moves? It’s in my intent. Seriously. I know it sounds like voodoo but it’s not. Be precise in what you want.

The softer and quieter I can get him leading up on the end of the rope the better he will be under saddle. I also firmly believe that pressure comes in the form of our energy. The better we get at controlling our energy, the better our horses become. I think barrel horses can be a good example of this. Those that struggle with the pressure may get ulcers, or have problems going into the arena. The seemingly insignificant things we can do that tune our horses into us, and more we train ourselves to control our intent, the better our horses become.

Do you have questions regarding pressure and intent? We’d love the chance to answer them!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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