Powder River Rodeo Co. Let’er Buck!

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powder river rodeo

Out in a pasture west of my house, there are a bunch of big, beautiful bucking horse mares and their wild babies. Powder River Rodeo has had some legendary bucking horses. These big beauties help coin the phrase, “Powder River Let’er Buck!” 

powder river rodeo

Beautiful sunset and bucking horses.

powder river rodeo

A momma and her baby

powder river rodeo

Big, beautiful bucking horse mare!

The owners of Powder River Rodeo, Hank and Lori Franzen, have a summer lease from my aunt and uncle that is just one pasture west of my house. Being the closest person living in the area, I keep an eye on the water and well being of the Powder River Rodeo mares and foals. They have a pretty great life and it’s fun to see them relaxing in the pasture! I feel fortunate to see the side of them that most don’t get to see. I’m sure they would buck me off if I tried to ride them, but actually some of them are very sweet.

Powder River Rodeo Company started in February of 1986. They started this venture with a partner. A year later, Franzen’s bought the partner out and became the sole owners of Powder River Rodeo. Hank and Lori along with their son John Franzen and his wife Jessi, also their daughter Jill Franzen Loden, and her husband Brandon Loden all are involved with rodeo productions. Hank and Lori handle many different areas of the rodeo productions. John helps his dad with the bucking horses and he is also entered in the steer wrestling in many of the PRCA rodeos they go to. John’s wife Jessi is a timer and has even had the honor of being selected as a timer at the WNFR three times!! Jill is the rock and roll Music Director! She plays the music and keeps the crowd amped up! Brandon is a Bullfighter and helps protect the bull riders from harm. They all fill in and help out where needed to have a smooth production. All together they make a rodeo producing dream team!

powder river rodeo

Powder River Rodeo Family Left To Right – Brandon Loden, Jill Franzen Loden, Hank Franzen, Lori Franzen, Jessi Franzen, John Franzen

Powder River received their PRCA Stock Contractors Card in March 1987. The fall of 1988 they were given their first opportunity to nominate livestock to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV they had three animals selected. In the spring of 1989 they purchased a magnificent bucking horse named Khadafy Skoal. From Hank’s experience in the world of rodeo he knew that with the proper care and time that Khadafy would be the champion he is today. Khadafy Skoal has been named the 1990, 1995, 1996 PRCA World Champion, 1997 and 2000 Reserve Champion and 1999 3rd place PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year. Top NFR Bareback in 1994, 1996, 1999, Reserve Champion in 1995 and 3rd place NFR Bareback in 1997 and 1998. Dodge National Circuit Finals Top Bareback five times and Reserve DNCFR Top Bareback three times. Mountain States Circuit Champion Bareback ten times and Reserve Champion twice. Khadafy Skoal was selected and honored as one of the six 2012 Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Inductees. Khadafy Skoal was the 27th animal to be inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Khadafy was the first animal ever to be inducted alive and was present for the induction ceremony in Colorado Springs, CO at the age of 29!


Powder River rodeo

Khadfy Skoal at Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

Another one of Powder River Rodeo’s monster buckers was Miss Congeniality. In 2003, Miss Congeniality, a ranch raised horse was named the 3rd best Saddle Bronc of the Year and 3rd place NFR Top Saddle Bronc. Miss Congeniality, in 2004 and 2008 was awarded the Reserve Champion Saddle Bronc of the Year and the 2004 NFR Reserve Champion Saddle Bronc. Miss Congeniality was named the PRCA Saddle Bronc of the Year in 2005 and 2007. In the last 26 years the Franzen’s have won over 150 top stock awards on their livestock including National Dodge, National Circuit and Mountain States Circuit awards!

Miss Congeniality

Last year Powder River Rodeo’s horse Craig At Midnight won 2016 PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year! He was also just recently selected as 2017 Reserve Champion! Craig At Midnight has had such a phenomenal year and holds the highest marked average on 8 trips with 46.69 in the PRCA!

powder river rodeo

Powder River Rodeo Family with Craig At Midnight

Some other Powder River Rodeo bucking horses include Sundown, Show Boat, Double Take, Big Show, Rustlers Moon, Miss Chestnut, Working Girl, Lipstick and Whiskey, Georgia Girl, Baby Sitter, Look Again, Rain Dance, and Bob Cat!

powder river rodeo

A saddle horse ready and waiting to go gather the mares and colts.

powder river rodeo

Gathering Powder River Rodeo bucking horse mares and colts.

In 2005, Powder River Rodeo formed a partnership with D&H Cattle Co. bucking bulls operation. With these two working together, rodeo contestants and spectators can expect the best of the best!

Check out D&H Cattle Co’s facebook page.

This year Powder River Rodeo has been chosen as one of the 2017 Top Five Nominees for PRCA Stock Contractor of the year! This is the seventh time Powder River has been honored to be in the Top Five Nominees for this award!  Also, Jill Franzen Loden is a 2017 Top Five Nominee for Music Director and her husband Brandon Loden for 2017 Bullfighter of the Year! Powder River Rodeo and D&H Cattle have 7 horses and 9 bulls selected for the prestigious 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo! It is definitely going to be an exciting time for Powder River Rodeo at the WNFR this year!

powder river rodeo

Brandon and Jill stopped by and we went and checked on the Powder River Rodeo broodmare band.

The Powder River Rodeo crew is well known and well respected within the rodeo world. They have built this legendary company from the ground up! Year after year they have several monster buckers and I feel privileged to see them as babies out in the west pasture.

powder river rodeo

A wild eyed Powder River Rodeo colt.

Check out Powder River Rodeo Facebook page and follow for updates and to see where they will have a rodeo near you!

And be sure to visit Jill’s Sound Facebook page .

“Powder River Let’er Buck!”


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