How to Wrap Equine Polo Wraps

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To wrap or not to wrap… What’s the RAP?
With many choices in horses’ leg protection for the performance equine athletes, competitors are faced with the questions of which ones to use and when?

No matter the brand name or the product, all take a bit of education to get leg boots tight and adjusted to each horse’s leg. Some boots afford more tendon and ligament support and some are designed for protection against concussion. Where do the long strips of polar fleece, better known as polo wraps, fit in?
Polo wraps come in about every color and pattern anyone could dream of.

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Polo wraps also come in different strength and stretch of polar fleece. My preference is fleece that does not get narrow when stretched and one that holds its shape, hence, more support when pulled around my horse’s leg. Pole wraps definitely give the most support and take the most education to properly apply.
What situation calls for polo wraps versus leg boots? Support. Although pretty good leg support boots are now available, with the proper knowledge, polo wraps still give the highest level of tendon and ligament support. If an injury has occurred and special support is needed, polo wraps are the way to go. Perhaps due to conformation concerns or tendon filling, polos would be the choice as well. I also choose polos in deep sand and muddy conditions as sand and mud easily get under leg boots. In particular situations when I have a horse that interferes high up on their legs, usually on back legs, I use polos to cover where leg boots do not reach. On the other hand, if I have horses that consistently hit their own legs, I choose leg boots for protection against concussion.
If you are considering trying polo wraps, please watch the videos on the proper application of polo wraps. They are a great leg protection and only with the correct application!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training

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