Photos from the Branding Pen

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Branding season is in full swing, here in Armstrong County, SD.  If you’re up for a bit of history lesson, Armstrong County really isn’t a county at all, anymore.   It’s now part of Dewey County, but the folks here still refer to it as Armstrong. It’s about 800,000 acres give or take, and has about 100 residents.  We’re totally outnumbered by cows here. But don’t tell them. We might then have a planet of the “cows” on our hands. I jest, I jest and I’m way off topic.

We’ve gotten so much rain here in the past three weeks, that I’m pretty sure my pickup has just decided that living in 4-wheel drive is how life will be from now on.  No one is complaining about this gorgeous green color the grass has turned, or how it’ll keep us all from having to sell cows, but the calves in the branding pen are definitely showing their age! The past two days I’ve spent in the branding pen, today I could have been in the branding pen, but we had work to do at home, and tomorrow I’ll be in the branding pen as well. I’m telling you folks, I’m so darn lucky!

Anyway, the first two brandings I got to shoot for an entire pen of calves at each.  I’m glad the neighbors are so supportive of my obsession. So here are a few fruits of my labor. Enjoy!

DP8A0967 little helper

they weren't gonna let him get away!

getting a sort

sorting the girls

there's two

Here’s to hoping you’ve had a great spring!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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