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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love to be organized. I’m sure if my other half is reading this right now, he’s laughing, a great, big, deep, belly laugh because I’m sure to him I seem scattered. And I am — because I don’t have enough storage places to put things in this house, despite my ever present de-cluttering! With Spring and rodeo season (and hopefully less schizophrenic weather right around the corner) I decided it was time to hunt up some ways to get organized!

About three years ago, we built a riding barn, and had plans to have a tack room in it — nearly 3 years later, the tack room is now, only in need of paint (can I get an, amen?), but prior to moving all our tack to a space in that barn, it was in our old calving barn, and I was fairly organized. Brush boxes, beautiful hangers for the bridles, saddle racks aplenty, places to put our stash of CSI Pads and generally we had it all laid out.

Add to this that I was recently able to purchase a new-to-me Living Quarters horse trailer (something I’ve dreamed about since I really could have used on during my college rodeo career), and I’ve begun searching for ways to organize my half mid-tack, and make the best use of the space in the rear tack, above the generator.

Cue Pinterest. Because like every woman since its inception, that’s where I go for inspiration — keeping in mind I’m inspiring plenty of others with my own crazy pins!

This is what I found:

There is so much cool stuff at this site, that I really don’t know where to begin.


wire baskets


tack room organizer

I’m certain the sky is the limit since the system is designed to be moveable and interchangeable! I’m seriously looking forward to having baskets for my extensive collection of polo wraps, under wrap boots, bell boots, and all the extra miscellaneous stuff one needs to be organized and prepared for any circumstance!

Check out the site and tell me, what do you think you can’t live without?

Happy Organizing!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Supplies

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