The NFR Western Fashion Outfit That Is As Easy as 1,2,3

  • December 6, 2017
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  • By: Sierra Rae Lewis

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Hello readers! Sierra Rae here with you! I  am so excited to be bringing you all kinds of western fashion coverage from this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo! I will introduce myself a little and then we will move on to that easy peasy outfit you’re here for!

A hat, black long-sleeved shirt and fur vest or jacket will ensure you’re both fashionable and comfortable at this year’s National Finals Rodeo.


My name is Sierra Lewis (Rae is my middle name) Sierra Rae started to be what I  went by in the Instagram world because of my username sierra_raeagram, when I  started fashion blogging and influencing about a year ago now! I  am a college student at West Texas A&M in Canyon Texas. I  recently just moved to Texas with my family this past January. I  was born and raised in Arizona.

Here comes my connection to the western world….my Dad is a guy you might know…12 time NFR qualifying Calf Roper and these days, Steer Roper Brent Lewis. I  have been a part of the rodeo world my whole life. If  had a dollar for every rodeo I  have been to, I  promise I’d be like Bill Gates rich. I     have also dipped my hand in quite a few other ventures, throughout high school and so on. But I    swear somehow it keeps dragging me back… 😉 This past NFR I  was asked to come on as a Bleacher Babe Squad member run by The Bleacher Babe. One of the biggest and most well known rodeo and western fashion influencers out there. I credit for her making this a “thing” for us to actually all partake in, as you probably know the western fashion scene has blown up and we owe it to her!! Being a rodeo kid, you can get real tired of the scene and separate yourself which I  have… and fashion was always my main interest, rather it be western or not. She made doing this fun, and like a business for me, and well peeked my head back in to the industry.

Enough about me! Let’s get to that outfit. Nobody panic but the finals starts….tomorrow… but that’s okay, because if you are throwing that suitcase together and still don’t think you have a thing to wear, you do. I can more than promise any western girl will probably have all of these items in her closet, and if you do not well, they aren’t hard to find.

This is what our 1,2,3 easy outfit is made of….like a yummy recipe. I  am not the Pioneer Woman though so please do not expect an actual recipe. Jeans, a black long sleeve, a fur vest or jacket, a good hat (fashion tip: hats especially custom…thanks to Warbonnet Hat works are HUGE right now) booties, or even tall cowboy boots, and a some jewelry. The best thing about this outfit is it is truly for everyone. Like me you may be the person that wants to be dressed up 24/7, you may also be the girl who doesn’t like that or feel comfortable in that type of outfit. That is totally fine! This outfit can be dressed up or down! Add all the jewelry, add the concho belt or keep it simple…hey you may not want the hat! You can also wear and work in whatever colors you want with this outfit. Choosing black as your base color, makes everything easy because you can go brown like I did, with my pop of color on my rust hat with a burgundy ribbon and my cheetah bow. I  went brown with the vest because it helps tie in the rust hat, but if you will notice the cheetah bow is a black and  brown print, which I heard used to be a rule you did not and brown. Throw the rules out the window if it looks good! Especially during the one and only NFR! ESPECIALLY in Vegas! Down to the basics though I  promise there is not a more simple, easy, and in my opinion fabulous Vegas outfit than this one. It also fits into day or night. Cowboy Christmas shopping all day…or watching the rodeo from the well known seats of the Thomas & Mack.

Well that outfit was as easy as 1,2,3 and really I  do not have anything left to say about it! I really am so excited to be with you during the NFR! You should be on the lookout for more blogs and social media coverage because soon I will be off to Vegas and you are coming with me!  Be sure you are following Cavvy Savvy and Tri State Livestock News on all their social media accounts! Talk soon…and let the rodeo fashion begin!!!!!


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