NFR Fashion with CJ Wilson: Sara

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Sara Burks is the sister of Steer Wrestler, Jon Ragatz (#104). She is stunning in her plaid embroidered duster, red felt hat and brown fringed boots! Her advice is to mix and match prints and patterns for “an ‘alternative country look’ and everything goes!”

What trends have you seen at the NFR? Sequins, leather, lace, fringe, you name it!

What advice do you have for packing for an event like the NFR? Bring some key pieces, mix and match and you’ll have new outfits for your entire trip. Start with a foundation like leggings and a long tank that you can accessorize differently every day.

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Get this look! 

NFR Fashion - Sara


NFR Fashion – Sara by lizbanman featuring legging pants


Johnny was top, $180 / Joseph legging pants / Minnetonka suede knee-high boots / Amrita Singh hinged bracelet / Justine Hats brimmed hat


Lost Mommas Closet, Offering affordable unique outfits that help define your style and personality, so you have the confidence to find the lost beauty in us all.

“Hello my name is CJ. My best friend Laney and I have decided to share our love for shopping, fashion, and finding good deals with everyone! We are super excited! I am the busy mother to 4 amazing kids. This year I have decided to take a year off from teaching to deal with many good changes that have recently happened in my life. Laney is the super busy mama to 5 wonderful kids all the while teaching full time! Wow right! As moms we are blessed to have the children we do. But motherhood can also put us, sometimes in a rut. Our bodies change, priorities, time management, as well as many other things. All for those wonderful little beings! We are here to help you become the fierce amazing people we are on the inside and bring it to the outside. Letting your personality shine through. We are going to be offering gently used outfits and some new at an affordable price. Our shopping addiction is your gain:) Since no two people are the same, no outfits and combinations will ever be as well. Hoping this helps you to find that lost momma in us all!”

Posted in: Rodeo, Video

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