New Year’s Resolutions

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Heading into the new year, you may find yourself wondering, about your new year’s resolution?  There are many that I think I should probably make; exercise more, eat less, get organized, be more patient.  There is always room for self improvement, but I have failed all of those in less than one week!

Some of you may be thinking of more exciting resolutions. Maybe this will be the year you enter your first barrel race, or maybe you are hoping to crack into the 1D. Maybe you are planning to enter your first futurity colt.  Whatever the case, I say GO FOR IT! DO IT! It’s great to have goals, and what’s better is having someone help support your goals.

My advice to you for 2016 is to surround yourself with those that lift you up! In the rodeo and horse show world it’s easy for us to get down on our selves, and feel doubt and frustration. Horses have a way of keeping us humble, so don’t hang around those that support negative feelings. I remember running at a jackpot one spring when my good horse ran up the pen a half a stride going into the first barrel.  She still made a good run, but we could have placed higher without that bobble.  Later, I was complemented on my run and what a nice horse I had. Like a typical barrel racer, I said, “Thanks…But…she’s never done that before…”  My friend looked me straight in the face and with a smile said “she’ll probably never do it again.”

She could have easily jumped on my band wagon commenting on how the gate was at a bad angle, or the pattern is not set right. Maybe my saddle doesn’t fit and on and on… But she didn’t. She kindly said, “take a compliment, and I’ll see you at the next race.” Those are the kind of people you want to be around.

Set goals that are attainable for where you are at in life, and be happy about what you accomplish. If you surround yourself with good people,  it won’t really matter if you reach your goal or not. You’ll have a blast trying!

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