Neck Reining; How to Start

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I’d like to talk about neck reining and how to start. Here we work on some functional application of pressure and release. This is a wonderful way to work on your timing and feel while you are slowly building some power steering with your horse.

Start by taking note of your horse. Is he relaxed and ready to learn? Once this is established, proceed to taking note of the horse’s  interest and then direction. As the horse is picking a direction left or right, this is the optimal time to introduce the que for neck reining, which is the rein coming in contact with the neck opposite the reaching foot. As the horse continues through the turn and you feel the feet change, release the pressure on the rein and carry on forward. Then start again.

The reason I like to introduce things this way is due to the horse’s mind. If you try and teach a new topic by force or bait you will stimulate a different portion of the brain. I’m trying to work with the horse’s idea, the rational side, that’s what he’s thinking and it’s important to him. The second he realizes you heeding his thoughts he will know you know and instantly you will have much more credibility with your horse. He will allow you to use his body fully, and in turn he will help you accomplish what you need done. So, with everything with your horse, and much like life, if you look at your partner’s point of view you will then be able to approach them appropriately. Yet, if you are quick to action you will miss what they yearn for you to see.

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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