Moving Your Horse’s Hips, Part 2

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Continuing on in our series about moving your horse’s hips, you’ll find that the second way is the most difficult, and as such it’s what I usually teach LAST. But this is what you’ll need to have your horse ready to learn to side-pass, do haunches in, half-pass, or leg yield, to name a few that I may have missed mentioning in the video.

To review:

1. Rein and Leg (this is how you build your one-rein stop).
2. Soft Feel with Leg.
3. Leg with no rein.
4. Rein with no leg.

Y’all, making these videos are a challenge, because it’s just me, and an iPad on a tripod so sometimes, I don’t always even make sure my horse has done the exercise right, because I’m thinking about how best to explain it! I’m sure that as I become a better teacher it’ll be easier for me to do more than one thing at once, so thank you for the opportunity!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Again, I will reiterate – if your horse cannot pick up a soft feel and hold it, then this is the last thing you’ll want to teach him. A vertical soft feel is acheived by a lot of lateral bending. If the horse can give to pressure and search for the release laterally (which we are teaching in step one and four), it’s not hard to make that reach for him vertically. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to get that soft feel or vertical flexion before your lateral flexion is on point, but you’ll need to be more patient and thoughtful to get there.

Coming Soon — Part 3, 4 and 5!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training

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