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“I guess I just always wanted to be a cowboy. I never remember wanting to do anything else.”

– Mike Pierson

In eastern Montana, winding along a lonely, desolate stretch of Highway 200, lays Garfield County. Spanning over 4,600 square miles, the average population density is the 3rd lowest of any county in the US outside of Alaska. The county seat is Jordan, a rural community where cattle out number people and Main Street and Highway 200 are the only paved roads in the town. With sagebrush dotting the landscape, mixed in with a few rolling hills, the area may appear flat and barren compared to the western side of the state, yet some of the roughest ranching country in the entire state lies north of Jordan in the CM Russell Wilderness. Mike Pierson has made his home there ranching and raising Quarter Horses since 1963.

Born in 1943 to Charly and Clara Pierson as the youngest of four children, Mike was raised on the Crow Indian reservation where his father leased a ranch. Mike grew up destined to be a cowboy as his father rode broncs in his younger days and was named the 1938 Wolf Point Stampede Champion Saddle Bronc Rider. While Mike rodeoed off and on, his main passion was ranching and raising horses.

Click here to read the rest of the story at Tri-State Livestock News. Published in 2017 Black Hills Stock Show® Horse Sale Catalog and Stallion Row Showcase

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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