Making a Barrel Horse: Almont, ND Jackpot

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In my continuing series on making a barrel horse, I wanted to share my latest run. My mare is now 7, and we spent most of last year clocking in the 4D and 5D respectively. For those of you not in the world of barrel horses – that means she was running 2 – 2.5 seconds off the winning time.

Earlier this year, in another set of runs, we managed to grab some 4D money. While working her at home between that run and this run (below) I realized — I’m not trusting her to really run. And furthermore, I’m not asking her to run.

Cue a run from this past weekend when I decided, what the heck! Let’s see where we are, and wouldn’t you know she clocked half a second off!

There’s still a lot of room for improvement but I’ll be honest — I couldn’t be happier with her! And I’m pleased with myself for trusting the training and time I’m putting in to her.

Happy Trails!


Posted in: Barrel Racing, Featured, Horse Training

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