Loading for the Weekend Race

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Loading up for a weekend at the barrel race is something the Kohr Family has become very good at!  Here is a list of how I pack my trailer for a weekend away with the horses.

  1. Feed
    Hay: 1 bale has roughly 4 feedings, meaning one average sized bale can feed 4 horses or one horse 4 feedings. To figure how many bales, multiply your horses, times the feedings you will be gone for and remember to add one feeding per horse to fill their hay bag on the way home.


    Hay Nets

    Grain: Always add a feeding of grain per day when traveling as it takes extra energy for horses while traveling. If different supplements are fed to different horses, putting their rations in gallon ziploc bags is easy and weather proof!

  2. Supplies
    Buckets: For water and grain. If staying overnight I hang 2 buckets of water per horse and 1 bucket for their grain (allowing them the night to finish up their grain).Loading
    Hoses: I always have one of my own packed.
    Wheel Barrow and Manure Fork: I always pack one of my own.loading
    Saddles, bridles and saddle pads: The day before I leave as I unsaddle the horses I work, I pack each saddle, bridle, and saddle pad per horse directly in my saddle compartment (I even stack the saddle with the pad and hang their bridle on the horn so I have each horse’s gear together.) I do this with each horse’s leg gear as well, often I hang their boots on the saddle, avoiding leaving a pair behind.loadingloadingExtra Halter and Blankets: I always pack an halter extra…just in case, and extra blankets and rain sheets, because you never know what the weather has in store.loading
  3. Travel and Papers
    Interstate Travel: I pack my note book of current coggins tests, brand
    inspections and current heath inspections.
    Fuel: I always (try) to leave with a full fuel tank!!!
    Copy of the weekend schedule: I print a weekend schedule to have in my truck just so I am aware of exhibition times, jack pot start time and their order of events. Making sure I have a contact phone number as well…just in case. (I have started taking a picture of the schedule and contact number on my iPhone. If there is a pre-draw, I definitely take a picture of the draw!)

Don’t forget the snacks, water, and a mug of hot coffee are a must! Have fun!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Rodeo

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