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Podcasts are currently all the rage! I’ve found one that’s all about horses and how they change or save our lives! The Let Freedom Rein Podcast is an equine-focused podcast featuring different people, the world over, from the equine industry.

I was fortunate enough to discover this podcast, because they featured our friend, J.D. Steffan with Hot Tamale Horsemanship

jd steffen, let freedom ring podcast


Which led to me being featured;

Which led to my other half being featured;

Listen to his whole episode, here.

It’s been a fun trip for sure.

The best part about this podcast is how authentic the host is. I love that he sees horses as a vehicle for salvation — from whatever we need to be saved from – often, even ourselves. He found himself not enjoying his horse and wondered why? So he looked at himself, his horsemanship and decided he could do better.

If you’re the podcast kind, you really should give these a listen — and not just because you can hear my story  or the story of my other half or our friend J.D.– but because the stories are real and horses are theeeee best therapists.

You can follow Let Freedom Rein on Facebook, Instagram and pretty much anywhere you can listen to a podcast.

Until next time, happy trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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